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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Finger Puppets Started It

That's right, the finger puppets started it all.  Last week the boy and I started discussing what to make for friends and loved ones this holiday season.  There are several little cousins now and we thought that a set of finger puppets would be a perfect gift; I quickly hit pinterest for some tutorials and of course was not let down.
All by himself that sweet boy whipped up these 3 finger puppets along w/ a little pouch to store them in complete with an embroidered heart.  I found the owl here and the frog and elephant here.  He used the basic owl body on all three to make things simpler, as well as googly eyes...seriously can you stand the cuteness.
So next he informs me that we need more wool felt, apparently the stock is low.  Well being that I am trying to use materials that are already overflowing the craffice I dug up the bin of felted wool sweaters and before long and idea was born:
All these sleeves, perfect base for a hand puppet!

As often happens around here, when one person starts making, it's not long before others join in!  So these two spent a good portion of the afternoon yesterday making puppets,  I'm thinking a pattern and tutorial is in order, cuz these cuties are oh so easy and fun!  So far there is a monkey, frog and unicorn.  A giraffe is almost finished and I'm sure there will be more today.  I have no doubt that these gifts will be loved by all who receive them.
What are you working on for holiday crafts?


  1. very cute! and yes, the same thing happens here. someone starts making and before i know it, all the kids are making and mess grows exponentially but then, so does the fun ;-)

  2. I would love a tutorial! I have nieces and nephews to make for too!


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