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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Puzzles have always been a fun past time around here, from the simple wooden puzzles for babies to the big floor puzzles the kid have had such fun with over the years.  Lately as these kids have gotten older we've entered a whole new level of puzzle fun. 
When I first met the hubs 15 years ago I had never heard of Stave Puzzles.  He had a few of these crazy, difficult and extremely intriguing puzzles, his step mom worked at their Norwich VT shop hand-cutting these amazing wooden beauties.  We have spent many late nights with friends putting these puzzles together but have kept them away from little hands as they are old, lovely and a bit tough...

These puzzles are full of false edges, split corners, whimsical shapes and individual messages.  We can't get enough!  This one the kids and I did today without Greg (we just couldn't wait)is 28 years old!, It's my favorite, I love the picture itself, all the wonderful shapes: a whale, mermaid, fish, ice cream cone etc...and After such a joyous family trip to Block Island last summer it's got extra special meaning now. The kids and I are going to try and convince their grandma to get back into the art of puzzle making, these things are amazing!

Monday, May 28, 2012

On a long weekend

A trip to the farmers market, planting in and around the garden, discovering critters in the yard, splashing, taking walks and just enjoying our time together.  I couldn't ask for a finer weekend! 

How did you spend this long weekend?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

This Moment

Joining Soulemama again this week for {this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
Have a wonderful weekend!
have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School these days

It seems as though another school year has just about flown by...amazing that I'm already thinking about next years curriculum.  It's funny because really we are always learning, always growing, but sometimes we call it school and sometimes we call it life...We've just about finished up with math mammoth, it's been good to us for sure but next year we are moving on to Saxon as it seems to fit a little better for where the kids are at.

The last bit we've been doing has been geometry and I think we've all had some fun with this lesson.  There is just a bit more chemistry to cover from real science 4 kids, this has been great I've enjoyed the lessons as much as the kids.  They experiment on their own now in the kitchen (a whole post about that one soon, creative little buggers) and seem to genuinely have a good time together.
Corey has been eagerly writing a fiction story that is surely turning into a novel and both kids of course have been reading up a storm.  Our history lessons are ending with some Native American research and report writing, Corey is focusing on Sitting Bull while Molly is interested in the lives of children of the New England tribes.

With this warmer weather we've been outside as much as we can, doing school work or not.  Molly has really taken to having her own special things to tend to in the garden.  Last year she had some lovely strawberries in a small container, this year she's using an old wooden drawer that we've recycled, it looks fantastic and I can't wait to taste those berries.  Of course there will be pumpkins and all the usual garden fun.  I myself am looking forward to a bit of beach time and some camping trips!
How is your school year ending up?

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Weekend

Well it was a work weekend for me (really 3 weeks has gone by since the last?), and I've talked enough about the joy of bringing new life into the world that I don't need to again...OK I DID participate in an amazing water birth on Friday, dad helped deliver, it was beautiful.  But anyway, there were baseball games and papa time but the real excitement was that I had an unexpected day off yesterday.  It was sunny and warm and I felt so blessed to have this surprise time with my sweet family!  We took full advantage:

 First there was an early morning trip to Damariscotta for the Great Atlantic Pumpkin Plantlet Giveaway. Corey has been wanted to grow a giant pumpkin since the first time we read Farmer Boy  and learned about Almanzo's milk fed pumpkin.  Now we've grown pumpkins, but a much smaller variety and every year this boy says "can this be the year I grow a giant pumpkin?"  Finally I can say yes!  We got lots of information, compost and a couple little "plantlets" we'll be sure and keep you updated as to their progress.

And since we were already up the coast we had to drive over to Damariscotta Mills and see if the Alewives were running, and boy were they!  This is such an amazing little thing to see,  Each year these fish swim up this man-made fish ladder to spawn and what a sight it is.  Eagles, Osprey, gulls, photographers and millions of little fish working so hard. If you are in Maine at this time of year it is so worth the trip!  Not to mention that my favorite fabric store Alewives Fabric is right there!

We had a delightful day!  A perfect dinner in the yard, dancing, amazing grilled asparagus fresh from Dragonfly Farm, strawberry shortcake, and music played by the hubs into the night.  What a wonderful way to finish off the weekend...

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And how was your weekend?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last night the kids and I had the pleasure of a bit of time with the lovely Miss Charlotte, the darling niece and cousin we were blessed with 10 months ago now.  My sweet sister-in-law is finishing up her masters degree and my brother had a band practice to attend.  In case I've never mentioned this before my brother is in DHBC with the hubs, it's a family affair:)

Boy it was hard to snap shots of this little gal, I guess I may have forgotten just how "on the go" a 10 month old baby is!  But seeing these big kids of mine interact with her is such a treat.  They are both so attentive and eager to help.  Molly fed her dinner and Corey played with every toy she had (not sure who that benefited more).
Of course as the night wore on and everyone needed some settling down my mama skills were still there.

My how they've grown, while I was busy reading books with the little one these two just settled in with their own books.  I have to admit it was sheer joy to have this darling little girl fall asleep on my shoulder.  It's been a while since I was there with my two, that heavy breathing and limp body that announced "it's safe to put me down now" melted my heart and made my ovaries ache just a little bit.  What a joy to have her in our lives.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

While they last

For a very short time in May the smell of lilacs is intoxicating around here!  This smell does something to me that I cannot begin to explain, suddenly I am brought back to the simplicity of childhood...giggles, laughter and secret gardens.  Yesterday I did my best during a break in the rain to bring as much inside as I could to keep it with me everywhere...while they last.
The top of the stairs (this surface needed some tidying anyway, what better excuse.
Of course in the bright bathroom

The living room

An ever-cluttered above the sink window sill

The piano...not sure about this one, but it looks pretty

And of course the brick mantel.
As you may have noticed a lot of the vases are mason jars that my sweet boy decorated on mothers day...gotta love what a bit of tissue paper and glue can do right? 
Had to throw this one in as well, just some forget-me-nots , they pop up all over the yard this time of year.  The thing I love about this is that Molly hauled out this little crystal creamer that belonged to Greg's grandma...something we never use and what a GREAT  way to display it!  Love this idea, thank you sweet girl for your ever creative eye!  I will be filling this with dainty flowers often.

I'm always reminded at this time of year what a lovely little yard we have.  It's not acres and acres, but it's our little corner...and how lucky we are.
Enjoy the lilacs...