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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around the "Farm"

Or dooryard as they say here in Maine!  What is a dooryard?  I'm not sure, but the yard is called that plenty here in Maine.  This week has been busy, Greg has been working and recording and I have been picking up extra shifts at the hospital (with the kids gone it seems like a good time).  Of course I have today off and there is much laundry, cleaning and some re-arranging to do around here.  I plan on using these couple of weeks for another making our house a home post.  My plan was to make a series out of that and surprise surprise I've yet to do another!  This morning though, at the advice of many of my favorite blogging friends I've been goofing off a bit and finding a bit of time for myself before I get started on more work.  I've been listening to Wilco (not a big shock if you know me well).  On a side note they were just here mastering the new album and Corey and I actually met Jeff Tweedy in the Whole Foods parking lot!
Anyway, here's what's going on around here today...the cat has found a cozy place to nap amoung remnants of a fort built before camp.
Mama put her feet up and enjoyed some iced coffee (a favorite of mine).
I put some daisies in my hair thinking "Molly would do this if she were here right now".
 Then I chuckled a bit when I thought about it and realized "of course she would who do you think taught her?".  After all I wore daisies in my hair at my wedding...
 AND while I was pregnant with her...clearly this is nothing new around here.
Ok, enough me pictures, this could be a blog record!  I don't often throw pictures of myself up here.  So on to the "farm"...more flowers are blooming.
Molly's container strawberries are ripe and ready!
The late planted beans are up!
The hydrangeas  are looking fabulous!
As is the bird-feeder garden....litterly growing whatever seeds happen to fall from the bird-feeder above...what can I say, we're willy-nilly around here.
The blueberries are beginning to fruit, won't be long now!
Oh and I chased a snake around the yard not daring to pick him up but wishing Corey was here, because I know he would have been thrilled...and most definately picked him up!
Can you see the little bit of him I caught on film as he was sneaking away?  

Well, thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to do a few chores before I start missing those babies of mine too much.  In case you were wondering I've talked to both kids and of course they are having a most awesome time on their vacations!

I'm linking up with Farmama hoping she will posting her own fantabulous farm tour this week.

enjoy your day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye

This past weekend we had to bring both kids to camp and grandparents.  Normally this is great excuse for us to take a little vacation, visit some old friends and generally get a much needed break from the general chaos that is life...Not this year.  We had to make a one day whirlwind trip to Vermont for number 1 drop off and then New Hampshire for number 2 drop off then strait home to start our week.  Of course we still manage to enjoy ourselves and make the best of spending the last few hours with the kiddos. 
We did manage to sneak Corey in for a last minute haircut before we left.  He is funny, every year he wants to grow a pony tail and then once summer hits he is too hot with that thick red mane on his neck and he requests a haircut.
I realize he looks a little sad or angry in the photo, but he is just completely engrossed in Dr Proctor's Fart Powder  by Jo Nesbo.  This book is supposed to be geared toward 4-7 grade...He found the reading itself pretty easy (finished in a day), but the laughter that was heard during the reading of this book prompted me to order the second one Bubble in the Bathtub  (of course what else would it be titled) for his trip to Georgia.  Amazing how happy a book about farts can make a 9 year old boy.
Ok, back to the whirlwind trip...Off to The Lake Champlain Islands to drop Miss Molly off at camp for the 3rd year!  She loves this place and so do we (especially knowing that even though she is nearly 6 hours from us there is family very close).

Right on the lake with gymnastics equipment outside!  What more can we ask for!
First choice of beds in the lodge (of course she picked a top bunk).
Corey and Greg patiently waiting while Molly does her swim test
The lake was cold yesterday!

Some bouncing and a final goodbye.  So hard to leave my baby girl, but I know she is in excellent hands, and besides I remember how much I loved summer camp:)

On the drive south my sweet husband was kind enough to take my favorite detour through Middlesex and Montpelier past our old house.  I know he finds it silly that no matter how short on time we are I need to drive  past our house and the little curvy section of rt 2 into Montpelier and I do so love him for it.  He did manage to find time for his favorite creme stand, which then of course means he has to take me to my favorite coffee shop!  This by the way was almost torture, I so wanted to check out some of the new shops I noticed downtown, or take a quick trip to visit friends who live so close...but there just wasn't time, hopefully on the pick up trip there will be more time to spare.
The boy isn't as independent as his sister, and the idea of overnight camp isn't as appealing to him.  However, an annual trip to Georgia with Tita and John is just his style.  We were just there last month, but as a family.  This trip is all about Corey, he goes golfing with grandpa John, this year he's going deep sea fishing, shrimping and who knows what else his grandma has cooked up.  One thing is certain in his words "I'll miss you sometimes at night in bed mama, but mostly I'm too busy having fun to miss you".  Again, so hard to let him go, but so wonderful to know what capable hands he is in and how much fun he will have.  Sorry, no pictures from this drop off as it was quick (I think he would have jumped out of a slow moving car to get his little vacation going). Here is one from our trip last month, gives you an idea of the fun he has down south.
Have fun my sweet babies...I'll try not to miss you too much.

I may be absent from this space a bit more than normal...not sure yet, it seems I won't have much to write with out the littles around, and yet...there is so much to do.  Hope your summer (or winter for some of my far away friends) is shaping up just lovely.

Friday, June 24, 2011

This Moment

Joining the Soulemama weekly fun of {this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 
a hammock full of friends

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unexected Meditation

I've wanted a clothesline since we bought this house 6 years ago.  Along with all the other renovations we've had going on.  I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't want to settle for less, now Greg of course knew this and added said clothesline to "the list".   Not a big deal I thought, 2 t-posts with a bunch of lines in between (we do a lot of laundry) like this one from The Vermont Clothesline Company.  Esthetically pleasing and functional and Greg could build it in an afternoon...But as you can probably guess there are many, many, many afternoon projects around here.  Not to mention family time, travel, and the ever growing popularity of Dark Hollow Bottling Company meaning lots of gigs and recording studio time.  This is no complaint mind you, just the reality that is us.  So summers have come and gone without a clothesline, both of us thinking this will be the year we "get to it".  Recently I decided, I could stop wishing and get my own simple pulley clothesline up and running!  Duh!  I know, but hey we get busy...So the kids and I went to the local hardware store and 10 minutes later (OK, probably 30 I had to cut some branches) I was hanging laundry.
The surprising thing was how much I actually enjoyed hanging laundry!  I wanted the line for the environment and the electric bill.  What I got was this meditative little moment in my day.  Laundry usually feels so rushed, going by hand fulls into the washing machine, then to the dryer, and finally the basket...Nothing special about it, laundry.  However, when hanging out or taking in laundry one is forced to handle each article of clothing individually, slowly, pinning it in just the right place.  When bringing it in I fold each piece as I take it off the line (something that never happens from the dryer where things are just stuffed into a basket).  Some of you may laugh at this post, but I am truly enjoying this little bit of time I have each day to breath slow and deep and enjoy something that for me has always been tedious.

Of course today is quite rainy so no clothes on the line, but clothes must be packed as children are getting ready to head off to summer camps in Vermont and special grandparent visits in Georgia. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A quick hello and something sweet

Just a quick hello here today.  I've been a bit under the weather, taking some yucky meds and generally just not in the mood.  I did want to share this so sweet giveaway that I won!  Yay for giveaways!  I am a huge fan of Erin over at Bluebirdbaby .  If you haven't been to this blog before you are missing some real beauty!  Not only is she a local AMAZING photographer,  she's a crafty girl, and most importantly she continually writes words of true inspiration for us all.  So anyway, a few weeks ago she had a featured sponsor giveaway from moseyhandmade and I won!  So exciting!  this shop is too sweet and now one of my favorites on etsy.  They are also local Mainers and have a sweet little blog to boot!  It came in the mail last week and is even better in person!
These little hand dyed wool capelettes are sized to fit 2-4 year old...The plan was to gift it to one of the lovely little ladies we know.  Molly of course is sure that it fits her just fine.  Can you stand the cuteness!  The little bluebird was a special design for the bluebirdbaby giveaway (maybe her little girl is who we should gift it to).  The best part is that this sweet headband was also included in our little gift package!
How perfect!  This does fit Miss Molly just fine, and it's right up her alley, she is a big fan of headbands.  Well, I will leave you now with a few more shots of this cute little porch swing picnic the kids had the other day.  I'm off to care for myself.  Hope that the sun is shining your part of the world.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This Moment

As always joining Soulemama for {this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around the "Farm"

I guess using the word "farm" is a bit of a stretch...but I'm a dreamer, what can I say.  Thought I would join Sara over at Farmama this week.  She is one of my favorite blog writers and mamas!  I am continually inspired by all that she does, including a "farm tour" on a regular basis.  Our little bit of land is flourishing right now.  We have 4 raised beds, a peach tree, some assorted planters, perennial flowers and lots of love.

Iris' in full bloom
tight rope walking
little grape sized peaches making big promises
Tomato trellises up with lots of tomatoes from Dragonfly Farm! No link yet as these guys are new, but boy oh boy if you are in Maine keep your eyes out for a great new CSA with eggs from pasture fed hens, super seedlings and so much more!
speaking of those eggs...
A little robin's nest with brand new babies!  This nest is also at dragonfly farm where these sweet folks are waiting to paint their new porch until the baby birds have flown on.

beans are finally in, and Molly's little container of strawberries is looking great.
And finally some sun tea and an old dog lying on the picnic table.  Yup, we let him do it, a terrible habit for sure, but this wise old man gets a much better view of all the goings on (we do ask him to kindly get down if we are planning on having a meal at the table).
I should mention too that the kids have been asking for a slackline for a while now.  I figured I would try a $5 tie down, and it worked!  The kids have been slacklining like crazy.  Of course now they want a longer one.  I did find this link on how to build one myself, so I may give it a try.

So there you have it, a little tour of sorts.  Maybe the folks down at Dragonfly farm will let me give a tour of their place next week.  I'm off to enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wonderful, Glorious Summer Vacation Chaos

I really don't know how to put it any other way...it seems as though the chaos around here is ongoing.  In a good way, but barely time to slow down.  Here I must admit with a guilty little grin that any slowing down I've done personally has been to make, make, make.  I just can't stop myself (thank goodness for a patient husband).
We've had a chance to see dad play a gig (always a treat for the littles)!

I could watch him play guitar all day...
We've had lots of time to play with friends from near
And far away.  This little Vermont doggy in the photo below Molly has known since she was about 3 days old (if you don't count all the times I held her sweetness while Molly was still in utero).  We we blessed with a quick visit yesterday, I love to see them together, they are true old friends, no matter how much time passes they can fall into play in no time.
As you may have noticed from this post face painting is pretty popular around here these days.
I as I've already mentioned have just been doing a lot of "making" stuff...I made this top from Sew Liberated for myself.
It's a wonderful robin's egg blue cotton/linen blend that I found at sewmamasew.  I think I'll make a couple more of these as it's pretty sweet, though next time I will forgo the bell sleeves and just do a little cap sleeve.  I felt a little too much like a pirate the other night at Greg's gig. 
I also made myself the buttercup bag from MadebyRae.  I changed it ever so slightly with a pearl snap and I love it!  So much that I bought the pattern and licence to sell, not that I'll have time to make a bunch, but hey I'm supporting another mama right.  I used fabric from Heather Ross' Far Far and Away II (can't wait for III).

And finally (am I boring you yet) I've been playing with the band saw again!  I really enjoy that big-ol-machine, I may start selling a few things in the etsy shop if I can stop making for everyone around here.

OK, one more...just a sneak peak at these little wool felt booties I'm working on...I was inspired by a bit of Scandinavian flair for sure.
 They are so darling...now who's sweet little baby feet to put them on????