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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Weekend

This past weekend was a fun one around our house, busy as it may be sometimes:
 We got our holiday tree.  Something I truly love about this season, it's in the stand, getting used to the environment, but we had to throw some sweet beads in to get it started.

 This may be my favoritest tree ever!  I love this curve half way up its trunk.  Of course no matter what we do it looks crooked somehow, but I love it.
An early birthday present for this sweet boy of mine.  He turns 11 tomorrow!  But since the gift was the Star Wars Lego advent calender it only felt right to give it to him on the 1st.  Nothing beats seeing his smile in the morning when he opens up a new tiny Lego to build.  This is the second year with one of these and it's been great so far.

Extra gymnastics practice as we near meet season.
There was also a very girly sleepover involving make-overs and many giggles throughout the night.
There was a first basketball game of the season won!
A viewing of Elf with the kiddos...this movie makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it!
I snuck in some knitting, Greg had a gig and here we are Monday morning ready for another week.

How was your weekend?


  1. elf is a favorite around here too. and the lego advent calendar...how did i miss this? i have two boys that would looooove that!

  2. happy birthday to your son! I love that you love your tree :)

  3. Happy birthday to your boy! Eleven is a big year. You can really see how delighted he is with his gift. It is pretty awesome I must admit!

  4. Happiest of birthdays to your gorgeous boy! I bet he is having fun with the Advent calendar. Jacinta

  5. eleven that's a fun year.
    i have never seen elf. heard that is was funny.

  6. Just popping in to wish you very merry Christmas! Much love to you, my dear! xoxoxo


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