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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Regrouping of Sorts...

I may not be by this space much for a bit.  It seems that life is pulling me in all directions right now.  In a good way of course, we are happy and doing lots but it seems hard to keep up with it all.  The housework is suffering, (those who know me personally are well aware of this) there is much school work to be done, and the chaos of holiday time is upon us.  There are craft shows to attend and many handmade gifts to be made (I have to make sure and have enough time for this or my hand-made holidays will come from someone else).   As the cold weather begins to settle in it has become apparent that some long overdue house maintenance needs to be dealt with as well.
I can't say how long I'll be "gone" or when I'll be "back", but I will be stopping in hopefully at least for a weekly update until I feel some order has been restored to the universe.
 unfortunately for my hungry family our dining table often looks like this lately
 and the chairs look like this
 The boy just finds a place amoung the mess to read his latest adventure series The Ranger's Apprentice .  Thanks Tracey for this recommendation he loves it!
 more piles...
Molly is of course crafting through the mess right along with me, she is my girl.  Hopefully We can all find a rhythm that runs a bit more smoothly and find just the right amount of time for everything.


  1. I completely understand needing to step back from the screen and just live life! I think I am
    heading there myself.
    I am so glad Corey likes the books. Check out Amazon when you get a chance, the author just had a new book released today.
    Have a great day.

  2. You'll be missed!! But I understand it too! Now that packing is on my brain, it leaves little room for thinking about much else. Much luck and love to you getting all you need to finished!!

  3. Ahhh, yes. I recognize your house! Although mine isn't striving toward handmade goodness or winter warmth. Mine is just made up of piles that result from a really lazy housekeeper :-) Enjoy your time away and I wish you creativity and joy in the coming weeks!

  4. Looks very much like my own work space but with wooden peg dolls and yarn everywhere!

  5. I'm missing you but so know the need to step back. I'm feeling the Christmas crunch and I'm not preparing things for craft shows! Can't what to see some of those dolls completed - thought of you today as I tucked "Angie" into Sarah's bed. Bigs hugs to you, friend!

  6. I always enjoy when other bloggers share their clutter. It makes me feel better about my own. :) I, too, am planning some homemade holidays, and am struggling with how to fit that all in between being a full-time Mommy, having 2 part-time jobs outside the home, and other things that must get done, housework being among the top of the list. Good luck!

    PS...hello from a fellow Mainer!

  7. I hope you have had time to devote to your crafting. Life seems to get so busy this time of year, as if things aren't busy enough. I have so many things I want to make, I have started to procrastinate, which of course, will not help me one bit. However, I did manage to make a Christmas stocking to giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first year in 'blogland'. Take care lovely. Jacinta x


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