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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining sweet Ginny for her yarn along this week, haven't joined in lately as we've been so busy, but it seems I'm finding a bit of time here and there.
I just picked up We Took to the Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich, She and her husband literally took to the woods of northern Maine in the late 1930s and made a life for themselves and their family.  I've only just started it, but so far I'm finding it witty and beautifully written.  Reading only as little as I have I would still recommend it if you enjoy this kind of thing.

As for knitting I just finished up a sweet little neck-warmer/cowl in my usual favorite malabrigo (I do kit with other yarn really I do).  The idea for this came from my dear friend who knit Molly the gorgeous owl cowl.  She then knit up one for herself with her own pattern, I wrote it down tried to whip it out at the hospital at 4:00 am and somehow couldn't manage it!  But at that point I wanted my own neck-warmer so the eyelet pattern was born.
This is a super simple pattern if you want to give it a try, great for a quick knit gift for yourself or a loved one.
I used malabrigo merino worsted and size 9 circular needles
the pattern is in multiples of 5 so it's very easy to make smaller or larger
this one is about 18 in around with a gauge of approximately 5 stitches per inch
CO 90 stitches and join for working in round
R1 p2, k3 around
R2 p2, k3 around
R3 p2, sl 1, k2 psso around
R4 p2, k1, yo, k1 around
continue in established pattern until desired length!
That's it, super easy and super quick, I think I'll link it up to Tonya's handmade holidays to share.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!


  1. Thank you Angie for the book review. We took to the woods has been on my radar and now I know it's a keeper!
    And thank you for sharing the patten; I am making a copy right now!

  2. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pattern with us. The cowl is beautiful! The book sounds like a very interesting read, I'll have to add it to my wishlist. ;-)

  3. Beautiful! I am in serious need of quick gifts right now! Thank you! Have you read the Nearings' books? Love them. Will have to check out this one. Happy day to you.

  4. I really enjoyed We Took to the Woods as well.
    Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  5. This must be a cowl themed Christmas. I have made them for many people this season. Love yours!!

  6. Beautiful cowl, and the yarn is gorgeous. Would you believe, I have never knit with Malabrigo?! I really need to rectify this soon ;)

  7. sounds a great book and love your yarn xx

  8. Looks awesome! Good for you! (I love your yarn selection by the way).

  9. very pretty cowl, that is so sweet of you to share. :)
    the book sounds so good also.

  10. I love your cowl!! ANd the book sounds very interesting, I looked it up on Amazon and it has amazing reviews!! I am bookmarking everything here ;). I have yet to make a cowl, so thank you for the pattern because I think it's time!! Lovely yarn. I have yet to use malabrigo too so you are encouraging me to do many firsts!!

  11. Love the colours in your cowl, very autumnal.

  12. The book sounds great - I will definitely have to check it out! Your cowl is beautiful!!

  13. Oh, I missed this..I love the colours. You always have such gorgeous malabrigo.

  14. we took to the woods has such a special place in my heart--love that book.


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