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Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Our Craft On! (last minute as always)

Well it has become painfully obvious to me that while I have trained some pretty crafty kids, I have also trained them to have at least 85 projects going at one given time...So here we are (happily I might add) getting our craft on through this one last push the week before the big holiday!

There is a pile of flannel pj bottoms for all the little cousins.  The pattern is from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing, it's super easy and quick.  Soon there will be a t-shirt with an applique on the front matching the flannel pjs.
So far Molly has made some lovely hand-stamped little balsa fir filled scented pillows, Corey has made a most excellent iPhone holder from felt that has a loop for fastening onto your belt.  He's also don some hand-stamped stationary sets (very sweet).
I've been sifting through some books looking for just the right uses for some fabulous fabrics I have that are just screaming to be used.  And as you can see Clementine the cat is always eager to help (whether we invite her or not). 
We are quite busy "elving" around here while nursing a few yucky colds...tis the season right?

May your last minute "push" goes smoothly and all your "elving" get finished in time.


  1. Right now I am reminded of my college days when I had a deadline and then last minute all my inspiration kicked in! I def. am a great crafter under pressure!

  2. It looks like your home is in full seasonal swing! Have fun.

    PS- your Craft it Forward gift is on it's way. Thank you for signing up.

  3. Hooray hooray! It's all so wonderful! That's how I'm feeling here. Squeeze it in...not getting nearly as much done as you guys. Love that pile of jammies. I have jammie hopes here...

  4. Oh goodness you do sound so busy!! But I can also sense you are having great fun too!! Hope the colds leave you soon so you can enjoy the rest of the season and not be wiped out!!

  5. Last minute crafting going on here, too. I think I thrive on leaving it all to the eleventh hour. Sweet photo of your two elves with their chalk board elf hats!


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