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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making and Doing

It seems we can't sit still around here these days.  If you do find any one of us in the same place for a few minutes there is a good chance some sort of creativity is going on.

One of Corey's big projects lately has involved trips to Goodwill to purchase old answering machines and the like.  He's got two new books: Robotics and Unscrewed.  The first is a how-to for making robots about of recycled electronics, the second is all about taking apart and salvaging parts from old electronics safely.  He hasn't made a robot yet, but he is learning so much about the way things work.  I am excited to see what he finally comes up with...
Molly on the other hand has been expressing her opinions on t-shirts.  She recently learned how to do freezer paper stencils with our dear friend at Dragon Fly Farm.  There have been a few t-shirts made but this one is my favorite.  Molly has been a vegetarian since she was about 7 and hasn't really wavered one bit.  This particular t-shirt was made for her and she also made one for the grumpy farmer himself to wear while he's caring for the pigs he raises for us and lots of other folks.  He does give those pigs lots of love, which in my opinion results in some of the best pork I've ever had and we will continue to eat meat much to our sweet girl's dismay.

Greg has been spending every spare moment recording an album for the RPM challenge.  Musicians are challenged to write and record an entire album in one month.  He has been doing great, hopefully I can post a link to some of the songs soon as they really are quite good.  Oh this man of mine is talented indeed!

As for me, I haven't been super creative lately...maybe that would explain my somewhat grumpy mood.  Between school and recent burst pipe that has resulted in a relocation of the craffice I just haven't had the time.  I did recently decide it was time to finish the quilt I started for Greg and I last year.  While I love Amy Butler Lark I am doing the backing with some solid cottons that were a bit friendlier to my wallet.  Hopefully I'll be finishing that over the next few weeks and not just talking about it.
We are all looking forward to spring around here.  Though I'd like to get one more snow shoe in before all the snow is gone I am feeling an itch to dig in the garden.


  1. Creativity never runs out, which is why I think so many thrifty women are so creative...not sure what comes first, the thriftiness or the creativity! Looks like a fun house to live in...will check out those books for my boy!


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