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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Backyard Adventures

When we have extra little friends over we often go off on adventures throughout the coast, fun is always had and the unknown is exciting.  Sometimes though, it's nice just to stay right around here and enjoy what we have at our beckoned call.

It always starts with pillows and blankets heading out the back door..."what are we doing?" I ask.  "Building a fort" comes a response in unison from 3 little boys.  I love that with them on this particular day there were knights, horses and even Corey's first Waldorf doll "C-Rob" is his name, I made him when Corey was 4 and he still plays with him...warms a mama's heart and soul.
Of course, 1 fort can be a bit crowded for 3, and some feelings can get hurt so I came to the rescue with a little tepee fun!

Talk about cute!  This one even got the girl involved.  It was super simple, there are plenty of tutorials out there for a more permanent structure (which I'd love to try), but for a temporary afternoon this was perfect.  I took some garden stakes I had around (5 I think), tied them together at the top with some twine and stood them up in a tepee shape.  Next I just wrapped a full flat sheet around, tied some more twine on the top, used a clothes pin for the "door latch" and voila happy children.
I love these days, when for the most part I am busying myself with what ever chores need to be done and the kids are outside laughing, playing and just entertaining themselves.  Of course it's never long before somebody announces they are hungry.

I've been setting up this little space for them quite regularly, such a sweet little setting in the shade for a lunch time break.  The table is Corey and my first woodworking project together a couple of years ago, it's from this book, which we have made a few things from.  The carafe of lemonade is the biggest hit of all, amazing how they love to pour their own drinks and serve themselves.
Spending time with these extra little people every week has been such a blessing.  First there is the fact that their mama and I have been friends for over 20 years now (long before I met the hubs); this fact in itself warms my heart beyond belief. But also in this busy world we live in it's easy to loose track of the ever important "village" that makes child rearing so special.  These little guys learn every day from the "big kids" and my "big" kids learn so much from them.  Of course we as parents grow and learn with each other as well, and sometimes having another grown up to chat with can make the everything just a bit better.  With immediate family spread out in several states having friends close by makes growing up together memories every day.  How lucky we are.


  1. It looks wonderful! I am imagining some teepees in our future!

  2. Fort building, lemonade, strawberries... sounds like my kind of fun!

    Looks like some wonderful fun.

  3. LOVE the teepee idea I know my kids would love that idea!! Looks like all the kids are having so much fun together.. I especially love the picnic area you set up for them...to cute!!

  4. Your photos took me back to when my crew were little, thanks Angie!

  5. Now I know it's summer! Fort making is a the best clue :)


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