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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Quiet

I sit this morning writing this blog post in complete silence...It's very strange, no extra long legs crawling into my bed last night, no early morning sword play or loud pop music, just quiet.  I know I should enjoy it, and I do, but still I miss them.
This past weekend we took our annual trek to drop Miss Molly off at summer camp and Corey to his grandmother for his trip to Georgia. It was a wonderful weekend:

First there was time spent with some very dear old friends that my heart aches for.  I can't explain the joy of seeing all of our children playing together while the dads played music.  It's such a normal part of life for all these kiddos, "dad plays music while we play".  How fortunate they are indeed.

Next there was a bit of family time, we met a new cousin for the first time (so sweet), everyone went out on the boat while I enjoyed the view with a napping baby on my chest....oh it's been too long, that was wonderful!

 We dropped Molly at camp for the 4th year in a row!  She's growing into such a lovely confident young lady...I am proud.

 There was a first ice cream cone ever, and a first out-of-state ice cream cone of the season.

 And finally a hug and goodbye to our sweet boy as he heads off to "grandparent camp".  Our ride home was fun, lonely and silly.  We laughed about the trips we took before kids, we talked about how lucky we are to have such wonderful family and friends, about the rest of our summer and the joy that it will bring.


  1. Isn't it weird to not have the kids at home? I think so-I bet you will have fun without them and then with them!!!!

  2. Maybe it's postpartum hormones but your post makes me want to cry! So sweet and nostalgic- Seeing you talk about your kids makes me realize they just keep growing up.... and Claire is only two!! Enjoy your time alone with your hubby : )

    1. Oh it does fly by, but with such fun! I've got to bring you a meal my friend!

  3. It's so funny that all parent do this..they wish for a few quiet moments and while in those moments they miss the noisy bustle around the house. What a wonderful time it looks like you've been having..Your idea of fun sounds like ours...the boys playing their music while the kids play and us mama's usually craft together!! Oh the simple life!
    How exciting.. a new addition to the family..you must have been in your glory with that little angel..


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