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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Instant Gratification

First off, thanks for the emails and love, I was down for a week with a pretty nasty virus that prevented any sort of real-life communication.  I've tried my best to pop in on blogs that I frequent often, but trying to post on my own was just too much (not to mention the photos would have been of my bedroom ceiling).
Anyway, I'm back!  Feeling great and eager to make up for lost time with some fun projects that I hope to share here with you all.

I much prefer knitting to crochet, I find the act of knitting very therapeutic as I'm sure many can relate.  My knowledge of crochet is very limited to a few basic stitches, but I do love the instant gratification that crochet brings. Simply put, it is so much faster than knitting!  I recently found myself with a pillow form with no cover (the blasphemy of it all), in the yarn stash I knew there were some bright colors left that I had used on these birdies and all the color would be perfect with these pillows.

So here is a quick simple pattern:
crochet hook size doesn't really matter nor does any sort of gauge...I just kept measuring my work next to my pillow form and when the sizes matched up I was done.
Basically this is a granny square.
ch 4, join together with a sl st to form a loop
6 dc in loop, join to first dc and ch 3 (counts at dc)
2dc in same loop, ch 2, 3 dc in same loop (1 corner made)
dc in next 2 dc, 3 dc in next dc, ch 2, 3 dc in same loop, cont. around 2 more times, you should now have 4 corners finished, join in top of ch 3.
sl st to corner, change color, ch 3 and form corner in the same way as previous, dc in each dc until the next corner, form corner (3dc,ch2,3dc).
Continue in the pattern, changing color as you wish until the desired size is reached.
When the last corner is joined turn the pillow and begin sc into front loop only for the back.  sl st when you reach the other side and turn, continue on down the back of the pillow changing colors as you wish and joining the sides with sl st.
I went about 3/4 of the way down the pillow and then finished off, turned the pillow around and started on the other side going about half way so that the flaps overlap but I could remove the pillow and wash the cover as needed (gotta love super wash baby ull).
I got a little fancy on the last row, doing sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc just to give it a finished look.

Hope this little pattern makes sense and if you give it a try I'd love to see the end result:)



  1. So glad you are feeling much better! I love the bright bold colors you used in the pillow cover. I will always be a fan of knitting, but I can appreciate some crochet, yours is beautiful!

  2. Lovely colours! I will give your pattern a go when I've finished my current project, a huge knitted blanket... so maybe ina few years!!!

  3. One more time I'm going to say I need to relearn crochet...I used to know granny squares and this pillow is too cute to resist. I need some bright pillows for my new couch!
    I'm so glad you are feeling better. I've missed you! xoR

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. What a bright and happy looking cushion. What a great way to brighten up any corner! Jacinta


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