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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Annual Trip

For seven years now we have been going to the same spot in Crawford Notch deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a few days of camping with some of our favorite friends. 
 This shot out the sun roof was just fun, we were driving through Franconia Notch!  Our route to camp was a bit different this year as we had to pick up the boy at his grandparents after his Georgia trip.  At this point we are getting close and everyone is beyond excited!

 We stay  right on the Saco river, the kids float down as soon as we get there.  Everyone was a bit shocked at how different the river front was after Irene came through last August.

 Our little tent city has grown as the kids have gotten bigger and wanted their own sleeping spaces.  Notice Molly's little tent in the front, it's the tiniest thing ever, but perfect for one.
 I loved this tree on a day hike to the Kendron Flume, who were these people?  How many years ago were the their initials carved into this tree?

 Watching these five children from our two families grow every summer is always amazing to me.  They have known each other for most of their lives.

 A little quite time in the early evening is a perfect way to wind down after a long day of play.
 The view from our little site of the Texaco Slab never gets old!
 Neither do the bear sitings for that matter.

 The best camp crisp ever is cooking in this pot!
 As always the dads are in charge of the entertainment...nothing better than some music around the campfire.
 This year there was even a boat race (made from recylables) complete with sparklers. I don't seem to have any good shots, but we built a tube shute by moving rocks in the river (something that has become a tradition in itself), this is a highlight, watching all of our kids and others from nearby sites floating along.  this years was huge!

I even managed to snap a shot of these two together, my how lucky we are!

Once the kids are all snug in their sleeping bags the grown ups usually sit around the fire or play a board game; cranium, pop five, boggle, yup, we bring them all camping with us.  I can't imagine this little trip of ours ever stopping!  I hope that we manage to keep this tradition going when there are grandchildren involved (though we may need a few more sites). 


  1. I love that campground, we loved it last summer based on your recommendation! I can't wait to go again, although not sure if we can make it this summer, not so sure about sleeping on the ground with a newborn..... :)

  2. what a great thing to do! makes me wish we had such wonderful friends to create such memories with.

  3. Love the two hugging each other. Looks like a fabulous time to be with family and friends!!

  4. What a beautiful spot to camp in Angie. I have never visited NH, but would love to. Your babies have really grown!

  5. No wonder you make it an annual trip. Fabulous landscape and camping site. What a great choice as a meeting up place.


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