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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Around the "Farm"

I used to love Farm Mama's "around the farm" posts...joining in was such fun; even if our farm is more like a family with raised beds and a few dogs, nothing I would really call a "farm", but I have dreams of so much more.  So here is a tour of what's been growing around here lately:

 Some of my favorite flowers are blooming right now.  I must say that I feel so proud every time a flower comes back to these little beds we started 7 years ago!

 The branches of the peach tree are heavy with fruit, honestly I probably should have thinned it more than I did, but I have such a hard time with thinning:(
 I've sort of made an attempt at a Three Sisters garden.  I love the idea and if we have some success this year I will work on refining it a bit for next year. 
 The pole beans I planted this year appear to be more of a runner bean...hmmm.
 I'm a bit puzzled by what I did or didn't do with the summer squash and zucchini this year.  I was careful not to plant too many as I'm really the only one in the house who eats them, but alas 1 lonely little guy.  Luckily my good friends at Dragonfly Farm have promised to supply me with plenty of zucchini.
Tomatoes are starting to ripen on the vine
 Cukes are being eaten quite happily.
And this week the best treat has been the raspberries!  I've frozen several quarts and yesterday managed to get the first batch of jam put by...
Home made jam is a hot commodity around here and we never seem to make it through the winter with what I can,  who knows maybe this will be the year. 
I have to admit that the weeds haven gotten a bit ahead of me this year, the broccoli was small (tasty, but small), the summer squash is bare,  I see a few small fruit on the butternut som I'm hopeful there.  Honestly I'm a bit of a casual willy-nilly gardener and don't stress too much about it, but this year has left me wondering if I don't need to pay just a bit more attention to beds...
How is your garden/farm/back porch?  I'd love to see!  If you want to join in feel free:)


  1. Your peaches look wonderful! We have two peach trees,but this year lost every single piece of fruit off of them. My pear tree is loaded so looks like we will be making lots of pear sauce this year.

  2. You have a beautiful well tended garden. There are only two of us that like squash out of four so I do not plant it. Also it would take up too much space.

  3. You really have a beautiful garden going there! Wishing I'd been more inspired with my own this year...with this drought it's tough!

  4. Nice to see you have some tasty produce happening. There is nothing yummier than homemade jam. I still have a bit leftover from summer. Jacinta


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