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Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend sewing

As I mentioned previously the kids are away and I have been working a bit of extra at the hospital (lots of babies and mamas to care for).  Camp care packages have been mailed, and  I did manage to find time to make a little something for my sweet niece's 1st birthday.

 Miss Hen and her chicks!  So stinkin' cute! From Amy  Butler's Handmade Beginnings, I love her style and this toy couldn't be more perfect for a child this age; little velcro wings on the baby birds that attach to mama behind her wings!  Melt my heart I say!

Of course when you are one opening a bunch of gifts is of little to no interest.  I think the highlight of the day for this little gal was sitting and playing with gravel rocks!  I was inspired for future craft ideas and reminded just how beautiful these little beings are s I watched her pick up one rock at a time and carefully place it on onto one of the walkway pavers. So much learned from such simplicity  Oh I do love this little girl and cherish having her in my life.

How was your weekend? Linking with the lovely Amanda.


  1. LOVE the mama hen and her chicks! and your fabric choice is perfect. what a wonderful gift!

  2. I love the hen and the chicks, that is so creative and fun! You are such a seamstress!!!!!

  3. Just adorable. I love the fabric you selected. I love toys that have mother and velcro-ed babies! Hmmm. Now you have inspired me too!

  4. Those chicks are too cute. I seriously have to make this...I think I even own that book...


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