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Monday, March 25, 2013

A "Springy" Kind of Day

The vernal equinox came and went with a good old fashioned Nor'easter last week.  We got about  a foot of snow to celebrate this mighty day when the earth's axis points neither toward nor away from the sun. I'm pretty sure last year we were experiencing an early, warm spring while this year it seems to be taking it's sweet time.
Ah, but today...the sun was warm, so warm I pulled out a chair and sat on the deck knitting while the kids busied themselves with the beginnings of a tree fort.

 Lucky for my little early riser the neighbors didn't mind his banging one bit.  We've been looking through our books for a couple weeks now.  We really like Tree Houses You Can Actually Build and Handy Dad for lots of useful information.  I also scored this book at a book sale last summer and It is so fun!  The author weaves the story of his own childhood adventures of building a tree house (among other things) while giving directions on how to do it yourself.  The idea of a tree house has been in the plans for some time now, but now that the monkeys are a bit older they can really take part.

A nesting bird has been discovered (can you see her hiding?) and Corey is looking forward to tracking it's progress (I think she's sitting on eggs) daily. We're still trying to figure out just what kind of bird so we'll keep you posted...oh how I love homeschooling.

 This day has been splendid, for the first time I feel spring in the air and I'm ready to be outside all the time.  Well, almost all the time.  As I write the sun has gone in and I am warming my bones next to the fire.  But it has been a most "springy" kind of day.


  1. sounds like a great day! I am so ready for the warmer weather, I'm done with hats and mittens whether the weather obliges or not!

  2. Oh, a tree fort! I miss having trees in my yard. We have a line of small ash & maple across the back of our property line that we have to thin - our property line is only 33 feet wide and there are at least 12 trees out there! But nothing for a tree fort. Maybe in our next house...

    Springtime looks like it's coming in beautifully there! I was a little homesick, missing the last of the winter storms in early spring. It's been so cold here; I'm looking forward to being able to move my kitting outside again! xo

  3. I wish the sun would poke it's head out here. it's been day after day of cloudiness. I can't wait to see what kind of bird it is!

  4. Looks like lots of fun, creative play! We can't wait to feel the warmth of spring around here - but this winter has been pretty exceptional.


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