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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looking Back on the Week

It seems I can't post more than once a week lately, but know that I think about it often. 
 Have you seen this wizard?  This was a joint effort between Molly and I.  She learned how to freezer paper stencil over at Dragonfly Farm and now we are hooked!  What a fun easy way to dress up anything.  Being huge Harry Potter fans in this house Molly found this on line and we had to make a pillow for the couch.
Then I decided a foxy pillow was in order.  I'm super in love with this one.
Molly is in the midst of getting a new pet (more on that to come), Greg and I have been really impressed with her determination.  She has done all the research and has been saving her own money to make this craziness happen.  She spent a good portion of the day yesterday assembling the cage without a bit of help as she really wants this to be all her.  You go girl!
 Of course we've got to fit some school work in as well.  Have I mentioned how much I love their kindle fires?  A christmas gift from their special Tita last year and it's fantastic for school.  See it right here next to him on the bed?  He's looking at the vocabulary in his science textbook that is on the kindle!  Don't get me wrong, I love me a good paper book but for some of our school work that little tablet has been amazing.

 Of course we've always got time for our little friends.  I think we all enjoy our day with the littles, there is so much to discover and learn.  I think Corey especially loves playing in that magical world that children live in for so long.
My niece spent a lot of time looking at the world through binoculars yesterday!  I'm not sure she saw anything in focus, but she was indeed a happy little lady.

We were blessed with a quick weekend visit from a very special grandma last weekend.  It worked out perfectly as Molly had her best gymnastics meet of the season and is now going to regionals!  Loud applause...

And finally Greg finished his album for the RPM challenge! It's amazing, you can listen and download it for free here...I do love that man of mine.

I'm heading into a busy work weekend and hoping a dear friend goes into labor while I'm there. Also hoping to find time to see both my boys play an open mic night in Damariscotta.
Have a great weekend! 


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