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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Our Living Room

I like the living room.  I went through a phase where I wanted to call it the family room, or the parlor, the hip phrase I hear lately is the great room.  But this room whatever you wish to call it has some serious living going on at all times!

 Last night I truly enjoyed watching some music lessons happen.  We are all so fortunate to have this wonderful papa in our lives.  After a full day of work at the office on Mondays he heads strait to band practice, then comes home and is still happy to give a lesson to some anxiously waiting children!  I just sat here, enjoying the warmth of the wood stove and breathed in every smile, giggle, and cord I could...there is nothing quite like it. 


Looking around the room, clearly the animals don't care one way or the other, a simple fire in the wood stove and family around is enough to make them...well fall asleep...sign of a truly content pet I'm assuming?

Of course there is always a changing display of artwork, right now there seems to be a dragon theme, I'm sure you can guess who is into this right now.
And here again this morning as I was thinking about a blog post we are again in our usual spots.  Kids in front of the fire doing schoolwork, cat sleeping in the chair, and me breathing all this life in, enjoying every last bit. 
Soon the seasons will shift as will our "living space" to outside but for now; I like it here in our living room.
Whats going on in yours?


  1. We too sit in the same seats especially when the kids are home. I knit in mine, watch my husband play video games. When the kids are here I battle ignoring the piles of books and papers that clutter the coffee table. Those messes are what makes it lived in :)

  2. I'm having woodstove envy based on that last picture. We don't have one here. Yet. We have a nearly working fireplace that I have to do some work on over the summer...and next winter hopefully we will have that beautiful warmth here...

    Right now? There are those big toddler-sized legos and blocks and cars all over my living room floor. We're still working on the concept that cleaning up after ourselves is a part of playing... xo


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