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Monday, July 25, 2011

Making Memories

This was my first time on Block Island and I must say it was a truly beautiful spot.  However, no matter where we were I think just being together with extended family made this past week a perfect vacation.  It was wonderful to spend time together (mostly at the beach).  The water was warm, food was delicious, conversations lively and late night games were lots of fun.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful family around for my children to grow up with and learn from.  Thanks to everyone for making our vacation such a joy, especially the grandparents who made it all possible, the smiles were contagious!


  1. Angie, it all looks blissful! Makes me miss extended family and wish my kiddos had some cousins to grow up with. Cousins are so special
    Those beach pics are breathtaking. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. We've been to Block Island with Greg's family.... and it's so funny before I knew your pics were from block island I looked for a long time at your second photo of the path leading to the beach and thinking 'I think I have been wherever that is before....' - Beautiful spot, glad you had a great vacation :)

  3. That photo of the 4 of them on the blue bench is so precious - the pink in the girls' outfits matches the pink on the boys' sweet cheeks. What a lovely, lovely time!

  4. Angie, thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures. How wonderful to have a family to vacation with and have fun. xx

  5. Those are some incredible pictures. Looks like a gorgeous place to vacation. Block Island. Thanks for sharing!


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