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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekend

Our weekend started early Thursday morning with Greg and a friend working super hard on this amazing stone wall that is beginning to take shape in our backyard!  I'm so excited!  The stones spent the winter and spring strewn throughout the yard waiting patiently to be put into place. Now while they may have been fun to play on and around, I'm much more thrilled to get this wall!  So after that very long day of hard work Greg and I  threw Tucker in the car and headed off to retrieve our children from their various out of state locations!  As you can imagine mama and papa were very excited to see the monkeys.
I think a certain boy was very happy for some early morning snuggles from papa on Friday!
There was some serious and not so serious fishing going on.

A lot of fetching of tennis balls.

and a little rest on the dock.

After getting Molly it was off to visit grandparents for a little  frog, crayfish and salamander wrangling at the pond.
More fetch...

some walks and talks...

With a very silly grandpa!

 Swimming in another  very special pond with some very special cousins!

And that was only Saturday morning!  I'll be back tomorrow with more fun and a little giveaway to celebrate how happy I am to have the kiddos back!  We are so fortunate that our children have such wonderful opportunities with such wonderful family to spend time with.  So for now I'm off to spend a little time with my littles.
Hope your weekend was a joyous one!


  1. Love the snuggle photo! So cute :-) Looks like an amazing weekend...and that wall! swoon...

  2. Oh I love all of this - I want to jump in that pond! Looks like a wonderful weekend. So glad you're all together again.
    The rock wall looks fantastic!

  3. That pond looks fab - how nice for you to have your children home again - enjoy those snuggles. xx

  4. The snuggle picture is gorgeous. Looks like everyone has had lots of fun. Enjoy the kiddos being home. Jacinta

  5. i love seeing a boy that loves and adores his daddy!


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