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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ah the joy of re-entry into real life after vacation...It seems as if there is so much to do around here and all I want to do is sew...not a good combo.  Nothing waits for you when you are on vacation, garden weeds grow, dog hair fills the carpets and furniture, zucchini grows too big too fast and life just continues on.  Trying to get back into a rhythm always seems to take a bit of work.  The kids are looking for something to do constantly, it's truly amazing how much I hear the words "I'm bored"  after a fun filled week like we just had.  Not that I'm complaining, after all:
The grass may have grown tall around our beans, but they are looking fabulous!
These big-as-my-arm zucchini are going to make some wonderful breads and muffins, maybe even soup.
These first ripe sungold tomatoes were sweet as garden candy!
Looks like there are enough ripe raspberries to make another batch of jam!
The peaches are beginning to tease us with the slightest hint of orange color.
And after seeing just how short Molly's sundress from last summer is...it looks like my sewing machine will get some use after all.  This gorgeous turquoise  interlock is from the City Weekend collection purchased at Alewives Fabric, I can't wait to get busy on this one!
Finally these two are just going to have to be "bored" on the porch swing eating fresh blueberries from the yard...somehow I think they'll survive.


  1. Such abundance! What a fabulous welcome home present. I've recently come under turquoise's spell after 40 years of strong dislike of it. It's odd. But, change is healthy sometimes ;-).

  2. The veggies and berries look great! Ahhhhh...summer in Maine!

  3. Welcome home! My Granny use to say that being bored was a good thing because then you use your brain more to find something to do!
    I adore the fabric for Molly's sundress and think it will be so cute on her. xx

  4. Oh these photos just get better and better! Your garden looks amazing.

  5. Wow, I just went through your photos from the last couple posts and the word that comes to mind is abundance. Your garden, your vacation, your family...all beautiful and full :).

  6. Look at all that garden color! I love that fabric.

  7. Your garden is so full of goodness right now. I assume you must live within driving distance of Alewives fabric. Oh how I want to come to Maine! I have always felt a pull to the Eastern coast of the US. One day, hopefully not too far away!
    Your kiddos look so gorgeous sitting in the porch swing. Must be the most wonderful spot to sit and ponder. Jacinta x


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