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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Another Day

Funny how some days seem to just slip by, melt into the next with nothing of "importance" happening.  I know around here I can get pretty wrapped up in whatever is going on that seems so "important" at the time and not really notice the simple pleasure in the day to day.  Most of this week I have been busy reorganizing my "craffice"  unfortunately the lovely space I created and talked about here got a bit chaotic again.  But, yesterday the sun was warm and our old house is often colder in the family room than it is outside on the deck this time of year, so school in the morning moved outside yesterday.
 The sun was so bright (and lovely) that we all had to get some sunglasses!
And hey; when your teacher is sporting these shades life must be pretty good right?
Soon it was just a usual day of business around here and yet I was struck by just how extraordinary our little life really is.  Just as it is, without all the "needs" I seem to have for a farm.
 not sure what the actual experiment here is about, but sometimes when they are having fun together I just let them go.

more sun tea

this old black dog loves to just watch

 Turns out there is a secret recipe they are developing that includes dog hair and will cement buildings together in stoneville, turns out that the birch bark houses are getting blown away.

And finally the day was topped off with an Easter package from one very special grandma!  These two kids are amazing, I feel so lucky to be blessed with such love.


  1. Doing school outside? What could be better?

  2. Extraordinary? I think just beautiful! I love the sunglasses required to complete school work! :)


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