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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids Clothing Week Challenge

So I've been so excited about Elsie Marleys KCWC !  The goal in case you don't know is to spend an hour a day working on kids clothing projects.  Well, I had plans to have something done every day...we all know how that goes!  Anyhoo, I have spent at least an hour a day and some days a bit more.   There is a top for Molly not ready to be photographed as we had a mishap with shirring (still learning that one).  But I did get a sweet pair of pants done for the boy!

I got a bit excited on the "room to grow" part, but he loves them.  The fabric is a linen/cotton blend that I've had for a while now, super soft-pefect for summer weather. 
These awesome guitar pockets are made from Heather Ross Far Far Away III, Goes perfectly with this brown!  I had to laugh as I was reading through some of my favorite blogs this morning and saw Melanie's recent post, similar ideas with the boy pants!  The pattern for these is something I've been playing with, I've made pj pants using it, but like I said  He's not growing quite as fast as I sewed for.  Oh well.

I also made this popover apron from The Children's Year for that sweet little niece of mine.  I love this thing and wish I had 10 of them when Miss Molly was a baby.  I think I'll need to make her another pair of bloomers to match in this fun Oz fabric.
Well that's it, I'm off to "school" and then more sewing!  Be sure to check out flickr group for lots of fun projects.


  1. Angie- Ha! I can't believe we did nearly the same pants! I really love the ones you made- they look adorable on that little (big) boy of yours. :)

  2. Oh those tops are so cute! Corey's pants are awesome - they look so cozy, too. I'm hoping to do some sewing today...but I think that everyday. ;)

  3. Great pants and the tops are cute! Love them all :)


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