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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday was amazing, I had work to do inside the house for sure, but it felt like I needed to be outside enjoying the sunshine, cleaning up the yard getting ready to add this "room" to our warm weather living space. 
Before I got busy working I wanted to occupy the kids for a while so I set a few paint supplies on the picnic table and and casually said "you guys haven't painted rocks in a while".
And that's all it took!  I am always amazed at how their creative juices start flowing.  Before long there were pet rocks, who needed a homes, birch bark was fetched, thread and needles were requested and soon there was talk of a whole village!

These two can have such fun together being creative, they work so well, helping each other flesh out ideas, sharing tools and finally seeing their plans come to fruition.

a frog

a door to the tree

a little pink mouse

what village doesn't have a ground serpent?

a snail
I have a sneaking suspicion that this little village in the corner of our yard will continue to grow through out the spring and summer and I can't wait to see who the inhabitants are, what they build and what sort of mischief is occurring in Stoneville.

what's happening in your yard?


  1. Wow! Those creative geniuses of your did a great job. I especially love the stone door and the snail. What a fun way to dress up a late winter garden! :)

  2. So creative!I love the little birch bark house.
    We're working on a bit of a village in our garden too:)

  3. What a fun idea Angie. You have some very talented and creative children. My yard has pollen blowing all around...yuck!

  4. I love the way they are decorating your garden. I bet you smile every time you look around :)

  5. love this idea- but goodness, I am just looking at and LOVING her hair!

  6. Oh those little painted stones are simply fantastic!!
    So nice to meet you!


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