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Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding Time

One of the things about the busy lives we all seem to lead these days is finding time for the simple little things that are so important to our very being.  Recently we took advantage of the amazing weather and had a little birthday get together at my brother's house.

Something we don't do nearly enough considering how close we all live to each other.  It was great to be with family, but the highlight for me was watching these cousins play together.  The amount of fun was immeasurable.  They laughed, chased, climbed trees and had adventures all about the yard as the sun went down.  The littlest one watched with such enthusiasm, clapping her hands and yelling, the kids all came over to her little spot to say hi and show off a bit.  All I could do was smile (and try to snap pictures of course).  Yes this is something we must find time to do more; with these cousins and the 4 we now have in Vermont.  These kiddos need to hang out and grow up together.

Oh just in case you were wondering, the wee one is wearing her latest Auntie Angie outfit!  Isn't it cute?  The Milo vest and some little bloomers from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

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  1. The Milo vest and bloomers has to be the best baby outfit ever. Cousin time is so good!

  2. She is one lucky little doll to have such a talented aunt!
    It is the simple things isn't it? I often have to remind myself of that,but I am always glad when I do!

  3. such fun to get your family together and watch the kids play. my poor kids are rather cousin-less, the bil has kids that are married and now having kids, my brother is single, my sister about to have her first...my kids would love to have cousins near their ages!

  4. The first thing I noticed was the vest! I love when my kids get together with their cousin-they laugh so much it's contagious. Love the family filled weekend!

  5. I did notice that vest! So cute on her sweet baby rolls. :)

    Enjoy those cousins - I miss mine. My little people don't have any...so we have to adopt cousins.

  6. You are so right Angie. Your words and photos made me think of my own brother and his sons...We lived in the same town, but barely saw each other --twice a month maybe? I regret that so much now that we have moved, but know that we won't take for granted our visits anymore, whenever that may be next....

    Cheers to keeping family close!!


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