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Monday, January 9, 2012

Like I Need Something Else To Do...

Life has been full in this new year.  There have been family walks in the woods, ice skating a the local pond, home cooked meals, and school is back in full swing.  So while I have been reading through Patchwork Style and Scrap Republic in all my spare time lately I've decided I need to learn how to quilt.  After all Greg and I need a quilt for that big old bed of ours.
Of course I need to try some things out before I start on such a big project not to mention I am a girl who loves instant gratification.  So I looked at the drab brown pillows on our couch (been meaning to replace them for ages) and thought "perfect"!
So in between a gymnastics meet, a sleep over, a basketball game, a free throw contest and a few hours at the sewing machine, voila:

A perfect way to try out my new love for turquoise and red I've been pinning about. Most of the fabric on the big pillows is from bliss and ruby both from Moda fabrics.  I used up an old sheet I've had stashed forever for the backs and the little pillow was a sort of log cabin attempt with a bunch of different scraps.  Greg says I've done enough "practice" and would like me to get going on our bed quilt (he's cold).  The kids of course would like new quilts for their beds,  I'm thinking a patchy quilty bag is a must...Like I need something else to do right? 
I'll add it to the list and just keep plugging away.  What are you working on this new year?


  1. I LOVE your pillows, the idea of walks in the woods and ice skating at a local pond. What a productive winter for you! Currently, my family is reading Little Women together.

  2. Beautiful pillows! I love the look of patchwork pillows and I love your colors! I'd love to make some too but I have to finish that pesky Waldorf doll for Claire!!

  3. Wow! Those are amazing!

  4. Super Angie! I would love to learn to quilt, but if it's not to be I am throwing my name in after your children! :)

  5. Great job, the pillows look great! You'll love modern log cabin quilting once you've mastered beginner quilting.

  6. I love your pillows. I am still working on Tenneille's quilt. I am actually up to quilting it now. If only we lived closer. It would be fun to quilt together! Can't wait to see some more crafty goodness from you. Jacinta x

  7. Well, you know I love all things teal and turquoise! Those pillows do not look like "practice" at all. Not in the least bit. My practice stuff actually looks like practice stuff, as in my husband says "is it done?" LOL! ;0


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