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Thursday, August 2, 2012

These Summer Days

I'm finding it hard to believe that we are already in August...It seems I remember the "grown-ups" talking about how fast time would go by when I was younger, but I just didn't believe it.  These summer days of ours have been filled with so much, I keep meaning to find the time to sit at the computer and catch up with a blog post, but sure enough another week goes by.  Not that I'm complaining mind you, it's nice to step away from the screen a bit and our time together has been filled with such fun and adventure.  Here are some recent pics of what goes on around here: (by the way, the gorgeous Lunar moth was just hanging out while we did dishes while camping, I had to take a shot, he was huge).
Greg and I managed to find time for an anniversary dinner at Frontier in Brunswick, just a quick little trip out, nothing extravagant, but just what we needed to remind ourselves of our love.  
There was another weekend trip to Vermont to see our sweet nephews/cousins.  Oh my these two are something special!
We we around for a first s'more (yup the same guy who had a first ice cream with us, how lucky are we?)
 Oh this boy of mine was great with the littles, and they simply adore him!  I still can't believe my babies have turned into the "big kids"!
 There was much time spent on the lake.
And in the lake.

Some time on Greg's brother's boat.
And tubing.
A bit of napping.
 Ben & Jerry's (we are in VT folks)
And a Wilco show to boot! This is the 9th or 10th year that we have seen them live, it's really become quite a tradition they never fail to put on an amazing live performance!
 Around here there has been lots of stitching, this embroidered Mexican sugar skull pillow is for Molly's new room, she has been digging them a lot lately so you may see them popping up here and there.
Also I did purchase the Alabama Studio Sewing + Design book!  So fantastic, I made my first item, a skirt for Molly in some leftover City Weekend I had.  I love it and will show more later.  Wasn't sure what I would think of the whole hand stitching thing, but wow I found it quite meditative and the results are gorgeous!  I finished it off this am with a little hand stamped tag and she's wearing it now!

Tonight we are off to a Dark Hollow Bottling Company outdoor show that should be super fun (of course seeing the hubs on stage always gets me a bit giddy).

Hope your summer days are full of fun!


  1. Glad your summer is going well, your kids are growing so fast! I liked it when mine were the bigger kids (and sensible too!).

  2. It is flying by isn't it? It looks like you are having a great summer.
    Happy Anniversary, how many years?
    Have fun tonight.

  3. Time definitely has a way of passing especially in hindsight.

    Cheers to your awesome summer!



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