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Monday, September 17, 2012

I Could Get Used To This

So the end of last week found Greg and I getting up very early and driving down the coast while the kids stayed with Nana (thanks Mom) for a conference he needed to attend for work.  Spouses were invited and I was assured I'd have a lovely time at The Cliff House.  Greg immediately had to check in to the conference while I checked into our room only to find this stunning view from our balcony!
I seriously considered plopping my bum down right there, pulling out my knitting and not doing another thing...But, it was a beautiful day and I decided I should probably get outside and really enjoy the ocean (after all it will be crazy cold before long in these parts).  As I first rambled down onto the rocks I felt twinges of "aw, the kids should be here, we could be having so much fun exploring all of this".  Then I sat down and just let my body relax for a minute.  How rare is this moment when I can sit by myself, completely undisturbed? Once I did pull out my knitting I knew this alone time could be very tolerable.

 After a few hours of knitting, walking along the shore and enjoying the sound of crashing waves I found my way to the spa for a wonderful massage (OK, a bit of guilt as the hubs was stuck inside listening to computer talk).  Oh but this is a lovely way for a mama to spend the day.
 After lunch with Greg over looking the ocean he had to go back inside and I had to find this lovely little gem of shop!
The Portsmouth Fabric Company was an absolute treat to visit.  Full of lovely fabrics, books and super friendly staff.  I may have left with some Anna Maria Horner fabric for Miss Molly.  It's Coreopsis in Coral, but really for all intensive purposes it's pink and orange...her current favorite color combo.

 The evening was a trade show that was goofy fun followed by a lovely dinner and some quite couple time (another true rarity).  The next morning had me back on the rocks listening to the waves with another craft project in my lap.  Look it may have been a mere overnight trip but Greg will tell you that when we go anywhere for more than an hour I pack enough projects to keep me and a small crowd busy for at least a week.  I say you never know what you'll be in the mood for.

 Our trip home was a blast, we took the "long cut" as we like to call it, avoiding the highways, found some yummy fish sandwiches and a glorious vintage Pyrex!  Oh yes, I could get used to this! 


  1. I've been formulating comments all the way through this post....but then those Pyrex fridge dishes in one of my fave patterns kicked them out. How lovely!
    Oh, and your weekend sounds lovely, as well. Sounds like a beautiful time!

  2. Wait! I scrolled back up....is that the project bag I sent you?!?! Awww, that just made my heart very very happy. <3

  3. Well well well. I was in Portsmouth this past weekend. I could have very well past you! I saw that shop but since I am not a sewing person I passed by. Lovely photos!!!


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