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Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Trip to the Orchard

It's still a bit early for apple season to be full force, but we went for some early macs and empires this past weekend.  what a wonderful day.  I do love this time of year.  The rain held off on Saturday long enough for the first soccer game of the year, a lovely country drive that included purple potatoes, stunning river views and some Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on the radio.  I find that these drives make me feel so whole inside for some reason.  Greg and I laughing at talk radio, the kids sometimes listening, asking questions, Molly begging for the local pop station and all of us together.  I am complete.  

Funny how fast the apple picking goes now that these guys are bigger.  Everyone is very efficient, looking for the biggest best apples, quickly filling our bag.  Very no nonsense.  I found myself longing for and laughing a bit at the memories of toddlers, picking little unripe half eaten apples, spending 20 minutes looking at a blade of grass or a caterpillar.  Not this crowd, seems we were in and out of that orchard in no time.  Of course there were fresh cider donuts, and a quick swing for the boy before we headed home with 30 pounds of apples!
There will be crisp, pie, and of course apple sauce this week; and before we know it we'll be making a second trip to the orchard to fill our bags again.

Joining Amanda

How was your weekend?


  1. we used to make that trip every fall growing up and it was always such a great time. enjoy all those apples!

  2. That is something I have never done, gone to an apple orchard, but it does look like fun.
    I have one lone apple tree on my property and last year I picked several dozen apples, this year along with the peaches, we didn't get the first piece of fruit. I hope this winter is a little colder so I have fruit next year.
    Enjoy all that fresh goodness.

  3. We have lots of orchards around and I have never been apple picking! I even love to eat apples... When the kids were little a yearly outing was the orchard and watching them press apples, the scent was heavenly :)


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