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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer's End

It's funny, once September hits and we are schooling I automatically think fall, even though technically it is still summer (for a few more days at least).  So in the midst of busy schedules including all the fall activities:  soccer, gymnastics, more gymnastics, oh and soccer, throw in some school and try and find a time between Greg's work, my work and gigs to have a bit of late summer fun.
I did a bit of complaining and whining over the weekend I must admit; I had my heart set on a far away adventure.  Over two hours of driving one way for some beautiful hikes, water falls and the such.  It is not often that my weekend off coordinates with Greg being gig free so I was a bit over zealous to say the least.  That sweet man of mine remained calm through all of my tantruming and somehow convinced me  that we could still have a lovely "get away" without venturing far from home leaving us time to still get some project progress around the house.

Well, what can I say?  When he's right, he's right.  The kids got in what was most likely the
last swim of the season,  one dog swam and played fetch, the other dog ran wild in the woods and this mama got exactly what she craved:  A perfect afternoon with the family outside surrounded by natures beauty.  And the real beauty here is that this spot is less than 10 minutes from home!  That means The hubs got "stuff done" around the house with a bit of help from our favorite farmer (thank you).  I even got in a flea market with my mom and Miss Molly...Pyrex heaven was found.
Oh we are a perfect match that man and I, he keeps me grounded when I need it and knows when to let me wander.   Thank you love for a wonderful weekend...


  1. I just drooled all over my keyboard....Please tell me you bought some!

    Oh, yes, Dan has the same good influence on me. And staying calm is good. :)

  2. "There is no place like home"!
    I must say that I am totally envious of your flea market, wow!

  3. OMG, drooling here too!!! Those pyrex!! and yes I want to know too, did you buy
    some? Glad they enjoyed one more swim last week, and 10 min away no less. I am like you, a getaway must feel like getting faaaar away for some reason. Nice to remember that in the end joy can be had anywhere :).



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