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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Handyman

This week without Miss Molly has thrown our rhythm into an upheaval (not that we'd nailed a solid autumn rhythm yet).  The boy and I have enjoyed our time together, he has been such a help around the house.  tidying up, walking dogs and well...fixing the washing machine!

Yup!  Sorry the photos aren't better but I was quite busy passing this sweet guy tools and holding the flashlight.  We've had a few home owner struggles lately;  Our oil tank has sprung a leak, and while it is temporarily patched it needs to be replaced pronto.  When you live in a house built on a ledge in the late 1800s with a dirt floor crawl space this is no easy task.  So as you can imagine we were feeling a bit discouraged when our washing machine appeared to die over the weekend.  As much as I'd love to replace this old machine with a fancy new front loader, it's just not in the cards right now.
I was doing a bit of Internet research to see what the problem could be and took a huge guess (gotta love google).
We went down to our little local appliance shop and purchased a motor coupling for $20, took the machine apart, crazy I know!  turns out your can take the whole outside "jacket" right off the thing with a screwdriver and a bit of muscle.  Talk about homeschooling at it's finest.  We found a how-to on YouTube and with a bit of team work, laughter and a lot of "ewwwww" I've got laundry running right now.  How fun to see the innards of this thing and to see that we could ourselves fix the problem.  My boy was amazing, He watched the tutorial and got quickly to work, I'm not kidding when I say I was the tool passer-flashlight holder in the team, he was so proud of himself, and his mama is proud of him too!


  1. Way to go, Corey!! Do you do kitchen renos? We could use your help here!! ;)

  2. Google has saved the day many times around here. Pool pump, and identifying plants...you name it. Glad you got it fixed and now to replace...sigh.

  3. Wow-Corey! We know who to call the next time the house starts shaking because of our washing machine (as opposed to earthquakes!).....Hooray to Mom too--for walking through it with you, holding the light, and giving you the chance (not to mention the assistance she has provided you with sock matching...)

  4. Nice work! Gotta love the Internet. How did we ever get anything done before it? Seriously. I too sussed out the problem on our broken washer thanks to Google. A new resister for the electrical board, a little bit of soldering and we were back in business!


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