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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Challenge

I'm joining my dear friend over at Dragonfly Farm for a challenge within a challenge.  You see, it is once again kids clothing week challenge and my friend suggested we use fabric only from our stash!  Hah!  What a brilliant idea.  She's already made a sweet little vest for her boy from a thrifted wool skirt (too cute, maybe I'll get permission to post a pic).
So my first project is the summer blouse from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

She asked for 3/4 sleeves which was an easy fix, however being a tween isn't easy on sewing patterns it appears.  She doesn't quite fit into child's sizes much any more and sometimes the adult patterns are too big.  As was the case with this one, I sewed a bit of elastic in the back and she seems happy with the results.  Honestly I wasn't thrilled with the pattern and will make a few alterations next time to the placket, but in the end she looks great and is happy with the results.
what do you think?


  1. I think it's fantastic! And doing everything from stash is an amazing idea! One of these years I will do the KCWC but I never seem to remember it's coming up until I see posts from bloggy friends talking about what they are making. Goodness knows I have enough to make for my children for the fall; it would have been good to get some of them out of the way this week! :)
    A question: How do you like 'Weekend Sewing'? I almost bought it last year (or the year before? I can't remember), but some of the reviews on Amazon.com were *so* negative, they scared me off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. xo

    1. Meghann I love Weekend Sewing. There were lots of mixed reviews, and there most definitely are a few mistakes; However, the errata is right here http://heatherross.squarespace.com/weekend-sewing-errata/2009/4/24/weekend-sewing-errata.html

      I've made several items from the book and adore them:)

    2. Onto my Christmas list it goes, then. Thank you for your input - it really did look like a wonderful book, but those reviews terrified me a little! xo


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