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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wonderful, Glorious Summer Vacation Chaos

I really don't know how to put it any other way...it seems as though the chaos around here is ongoing.  In a good way, but barely time to slow down.  Here I must admit with a guilty little grin that any slowing down I've done personally has been to make, make, make.  I just can't stop myself (thank goodness for a patient husband).
We've had a chance to see dad play a gig (always a treat for the littles)!

I could watch him play guitar all day...
We've had lots of time to play with friends from near
And far away.  This little Vermont doggy in the photo below Molly has known since she was about 3 days old (if you don't count all the times I held her sweetness while Molly was still in utero).  We we blessed with a quick visit yesterday, I love to see them together, they are true old friends, no matter how much time passes they can fall into play in no time.
As you may have noticed from this post face painting is pretty popular around here these days.
I as I've already mentioned have just been doing a lot of "making" stuff...I made this top from Sew Liberated for myself.
It's a wonderful robin's egg blue cotton/linen blend that I found at sewmamasew.  I think I'll make a couple more of these as it's pretty sweet, though next time I will forgo the bell sleeves and just do a little cap sleeve.  I felt a little too much like a pirate the other night at Greg's gig. 
I also made myself the buttercup bag from MadebyRae.  I changed it ever so slightly with a pearl snap and I love it!  So much that I bought the pattern and licence to sell, not that I'll have time to make a bunch, but hey I'm supporting another mama right.  I used fabric from Heather Ross' Far Far and Away II (can't wait for III).

And finally (am I boring you yet) I've been playing with the band saw again!  I really enjoy that big-ol-machine, I may start selling a few things in the etsy shop if I can stop making for everyone around here.

OK, one more...just a sneak peak at these little wool felt booties I'm working on...I was inspired by a bit of Scandinavian flair for sure.
 They are so darling...now who's sweet little baby feet to put them on????


  1. Angie, the top you made is wonderful. I'm a size 2-4 and I look good in black, red, orange. Just kidding, but it is great.

  2. Angie! It's all beautiful. The booties, the wooden toys, the shirt...and I swooned over of the bag. I love the pearl snap and the Far, Far and Away fabric!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more bags!

  3. All is beautiful but I have to say, those booties take the cake for cuteness!

  4. Wow, you are incredibly talented! I am inspired.

  5. So much crafting. Good for you. Love it all. Just wondering if there is more to those little booties. We love face painting around here too. I shall so miss it when they feel too old to do it!

  6. Oh my goodness! So much goodness! You are a crafting inspiration. LOVE the booties and the top and the...everything! Keep up the fun work and please share with us :-)

  7. You have been busy. Love what you have been crafting. I have the Heather Ross fabric, but can't bare to cut into it just yet. It looks great made into a bag. Jacinta

  8. Hello Angie, wonderful post! I love the things you have made, most especially the bag! And my boys would so love those owls and the little red bird!

  9. OH Angie you have been beautifully busy and creative!!! I love the buttercup bag! Thanks for the link!!! And the booties and wooden animals, WOW! And the lovely shirt!! You are getting me so inspired have my own creatathon!!

  10. Oh, I'm lovin' all your projects! Great bag, great top, love the little shoes and wooden toys! You have been a busy lady.


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