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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Big Kids

I'm not sure when or how it happened but it seems more and more my little babies are "the big kids". 
 Molly takes on this role very seriously and with great pride.  There has always been something very maternal about my sweet girl, she is a care giver and a nurturer.  But wasn't it just last week that she was the little girl looking up to the big girls?  I feel like sometimes I must have missed something, slept in or turned my back for one second too long.  Here she is the "big girl", painting faces, toting the littlest ones around on her hip as if it is second nature, she is even going to be a mother's helper for a dear friend who works from home this summer!  2 very sweet little boys who think the world of her, she is so proud.

Corey takes on this role a little more reluctantly sometimes...he is my baby, he truly enjoys being a "little", surprised when he bumps his head on the bird feeder that he could hardly reach not to long ago.  The nine year change has been difficult for him, who can blame him really; a life of fantasy and magic is truly unique and wonderful.  This is a great little article written by Rahima Baldwin Dancy on the nine year change if you are interested.  As a parent I have found helping my boy maneuver through this has been much harder than my girl...
The reason this "big kid" thought has been on my mind is this: yesterday while visiting a friend from work who lives in a simply gorgeous little part of our state, these two monkeys went kayaking all by themselves.

They were so proud, big, and independent!  All over the pond they paddled, coming back to shore to have lunch or to tell me what they had seen, then they were off again!  As  a mom watching from shore I can't describe the feeling as I watched them paddle farther and farther away from me.  First there was pride, "look at my babies" I thought.  Next was fear, "what am I doing?  I can't get to them fast enough!".  After that was a little bit of panic.  I called Greg, "freaking out a little aren't you?" he asked in a calm voice that no doubt had a smile.  Logically I know they are safe.  They are wearing life vests, they are both strong swimmers, and...there is a boat next to me with a motor that can get out to them in true need.  But they were far!
clearly this mama is a little reluctant to let these babes grow up...and it's happening!  What is a mama to do?  Embrace this yes, I know...and I do, but it is not easy.


  1. Angie, I still 'baby' all of my children, four of whom can vote! I wish they all still lived with me and were little, but I know that's not how it works. I find letting them go to be the hardest part of motherhood!

  2. Oh, I hear you, Angie. Our older three have been given some extra freedoms this year and sometimes and every once in a while I start to panic. It happens so fast. And breathing deep of all of these fleeting moments is not always easy to remember.
    You have two such beautiful, sweet children - you have lots to be proud of Mama!

  3. AWE! As mothers, it is hard to let the wee years go by so fast. I know that even when they are fully grown and off living their own lives, I will still be able to close my eyes and remember them as my babies.

    It is bittersweet, because I love the idea of them doing what makes them happy in life...it is just so hard to let go.

  4. You are not alone. It is a complete tug between the pure joy of seeing them stretch their wings and wanting them safely tucked under my wing where I can see them. Your two are growing up confident and they obviously trust that you will be there for them. Pretty darn good, really!

  5. Ah, Mama! How hard - and often scary - it must be. I think my son is going through a 4 1/2 year change. He's totally regressing on us. The thing is - he set up his 5th birthday as a deadline for himself to do all kinds of "grown up things" and now he's terrified. Poor kid. Anyway, it's amazing how kids just take flight and make their own growing plans!


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