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Monday, June 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye

This past weekend we had to bring both kids to camp and grandparents.  Normally this is great excuse for us to take a little vacation, visit some old friends and generally get a much needed break from the general chaos that is life...Not this year.  We had to make a one day whirlwind trip to Vermont for number 1 drop off and then New Hampshire for number 2 drop off then strait home to start our week.  Of course we still manage to enjoy ourselves and make the best of spending the last few hours with the kiddos. 
We did manage to sneak Corey in for a last minute haircut before we left.  He is funny, every year he wants to grow a pony tail and then once summer hits he is too hot with that thick red mane on his neck and he requests a haircut.
I realize he looks a little sad or angry in the photo, but he is just completely engrossed in Dr Proctor's Fart Powder  by Jo Nesbo.  This book is supposed to be geared toward 4-7 grade...He found the reading itself pretty easy (finished in a day), but the laughter that was heard during the reading of this book prompted me to order the second one Bubble in the Bathtub  (of course what else would it be titled) for his trip to Georgia.  Amazing how happy a book about farts can make a 9 year old boy.
Ok, back to the whirlwind trip...Off to The Lake Champlain Islands to drop Miss Molly off at camp for the 3rd year!  She loves this place and so do we (especially knowing that even though she is nearly 6 hours from us there is family very close).

Right on the lake with gymnastics equipment outside!  What more can we ask for!
First choice of beds in the lodge (of course she picked a top bunk).
Corey and Greg patiently waiting while Molly does her swim test
The lake was cold yesterday!

Some bouncing and a final goodbye.  So hard to leave my baby girl, but I know she is in excellent hands, and besides I remember how much I loved summer camp:)

On the drive south my sweet husband was kind enough to take my favorite detour through Middlesex and Montpelier past our old house.  I know he finds it silly that no matter how short on time we are I need to drive  past our house and the little curvy section of rt 2 into Montpelier and I do so love him for it.  He did manage to find time for his favorite creme stand, which then of course means he has to take me to my favorite coffee shop!  This by the way was almost torture, I so wanted to check out some of the new shops I noticed downtown, or take a quick trip to visit friends who live so close...but there just wasn't time, hopefully on the pick up trip there will be more time to spare.
The boy isn't as independent as his sister, and the idea of overnight camp isn't as appealing to him.  However, an annual trip to Georgia with Tita and John is just his style.  We were just there last month, but as a family.  This trip is all about Corey, he goes golfing with grandpa John, this year he's going deep sea fishing, shrimping and who knows what else his grandma has cooked up.  One thing is certain in his words "I'll miss you sometimes at night in bed mama, but mostly I'm too busy having fun to miss you".  Again, so hard to let him go, but so wonderful to know what capable hands he is in and how much fun he will have.  Sorry, no pictures from this drop off as it was quick (I think he would have jumped out of a slow moving car to get his little vacation going). Here is one from our trip last month, gives you an idea of the fun he has down south.
Have fun my sweet babies...I'll try not to miss you too much.

I may be absent from this space a bit more than normal...not sure yet, it seems I won't have much to write with out the littles around, and yet...there is so much to do.  Hope your summer (or winter for some of my far away friends) is shaping up just lovely.


  1. Sounds like your children are in for a great time. I use to love camp and there is always something to do in the south! Hope you and Greg make a little time for yourselves to have some fun too. Have a great Monday.

  2. I hope you are able to find time to do things YOU need while your children are away. How neat that they both have such wonderful opportunities for such fun adventures!

  3. So great to know they are well taken care of while they're away - now it's time for you to take a little extra care of yourself! Enjoy the time, Sweet Angie, despite how much you must be missing them!

  4. I hope you all have a lovely time while apart!!

  5. Oh what wonderful experiences for your children!!! Especially in those beautiful states :). We have been looking at a sleepaway camp in NC and I don't know if I can do it, let them go, that is!! Was it hard to let them go the first time? How old were they, may I ask? And I second what everyone else has said, find time for you two!!!

  6. The camp sounds like so much fun. We always drive by our old house when we get a chance. They painted it RED! It looks great and I wish I would have thought of it.

  7. Sounds like they both have lots of fun ahead. Summer camps aren't really done in Australia, so I am not really familiar with the idea. I'm sure there are lots of different camps to choose from, am I right? I'm sure you will be busy while the kids are away. Jacinta

  8. AWE! I bet you will miss them, but they are going to have so much fun.

    P.S. I LOVE capital grounds! The senate roast is the BEST!

  9. When I was little I hated hair cuts. Now I like them. They are relaxing to a degree. I think one of the reasons why I hated hair cuts was how itchy I was after. Those damn little hairs. Being a girl most be a lot worse because you cut a lot more hair.


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