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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around the "Farm"

Or dooryard as they say here in Maine!  What is a dooryard?  I'm not sure, but the yard is called that plenty here in Maine.  This week has been busy, Greg has been working and recording and I have been picking up extra shifts at the hospital (with the kids gone it seems like a good time).  Of course I have today off and there is much laundry, cleaning and some re-arranging to do around here.  I plan on using these couple of weeks for another making our house a home post.  My plan was to make a series out of that and surprise surprise I've yet to do another!  This morning though, at the advice of many of my favorite blogging friends I've been goofing off a bit and finding a bit of time for myself before I get started on more work.  I've been listening to Wilco (not a big shock if you know me well).  On a side note they were just here mastering the new album and Corey and I actually met Jeff Tweedy in the Whole Foods parking lot!
Anyway, here's what's going on around here today...the cat has found a cozy place to nap amoung remnants of a fort built before camp.
Mama put her feet up and enjoyed some iced coffee (a favorite of mine).
I put some daisies in my hair thinking "Molly would do this if she were here right now".
 Then I chuckled a bit when I thought about it and realized "of course she would who do you think taught her?".  After all I wore daisies in my hair at my wedding...
 AND while I was pregnant with her...clearly this is nothing new around here.
Ok, enough me pictures, this could be a blog record!  I don't often throw pictures of myself up here.  So on to the "farm"...more flowers are blooming.
Molly's container strawberries are ripe and ready!
The late planted beans are up!
The hydrangeas  are looking fabulous!
As is the bird-feeder garden....litterly growing whatever seeds happen to fall from the bird-feeder above...what can I say, we're willy-nilly around here.
The blueberries are beginning to fruit, won't be long now!
Oh and I chased a snake around the yard not daring to pick him up but wishing Corey was here, because I know he would have been thrilled...and most definately picked him up!
Can you see the little bit of him I caught on film as he was sneaking away?  

Well, thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to do a few chores before I start missing those babies of mine too much.  In case you were wondering I've talked to both kids and of course they are having a most awesome time on their vacations!

I'm linking up with Farmama hoping she will posting her own fantabulous farm tour this week.

enjoy your day!


  1. Love those pictures, thanks for the smile this morning, Ang. Good for you, relaxing and taking time for yourself, too!

    I'm missing my babies a bit this week too. All 5 have been gone 8:45-12:15 all week, it's very strange to be alone at home so much.

  2. I saw the pictures of you and now have I Love the Flower Girl by Cowsils running through my head! Just look how beautiful you are...I love it! Glad you are taking a little time for yourself...Enjoy!

  3. Angie, I am interested in all recipe..Thank you!

  4. So much beauty...especially that newly married & pregnant woman ;-) So glad you're enjoying your time and relaxing a bit. sigh. summer. summer.

  5. I love the idea of a "bird feeder" garden. Totally my style! Right now I have a "prairie patch" that is just a spot where I laid down cardboard and mulch to kill the grass and then let grow whatever would grow. It's been interesting to see what prairie seeds have been dormant for who knows how many years!

  6. Your gardens look fabulous! And so nice to see you too. :)

  7. Good for you for Mama time! And I loved seeing pictures of you!! Your garden is so lush and that snake-cool! Happy weekend Angie!

  8. Hi Angie,
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Love the pictures of you, Angie! Your garden is looking so wonderfully green and growing. Glad you're making some time for yourself along with those extra shifts!

  10. Your garden is just lovely. Makes me want to move to Maine. (Well, actually, just Maine makes me want to move to Maine.)


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