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Monday, June 6, 2011

A glimpse of the weekend

It was another whirlwind weekend here at our little home in Maine.  Greg was off playing music with the Oh-so-fabulous Dark Hollow Bottling Company if you haven't given these guys a good listen yet I highly recommend it!  The kids and I headed down to Providence for a quick visit with the grandparents.  Everyone had a great time, the weather was perfect, and there was lots to do.

There was face-painting at the zoo

visits with gargoyles and fortunes to be had...

The River-Fire was especially mesmerizing.

There were peaceful walks and a little special time with grandpa.

A street fair full of amazing locals artists and craftsmen and some henna painting.

We got to meet some of the gang from Big Nazo!

It was a full weekend that everyone thoroughly enjoyed!  Molly made me feel so proud sporting nothing but mama made clothing that she was complemented on more than once.  Such a nice treat for the kiddos to get to spend a little magical time with grandparents, and for mama to see them beaming with joy.  Providence is a great little city and an easy drive from here, we are lucky.
Hope your weekend was full of joy and excitement!


  1. It does look like ya'll had a great time. I think grandparent time is the best, but then I am
    a little bias! Have a great Monday Angie. Oh, and Molly?...love the beautiful smile.

  2. How wonderful! Love the face paintings. We've just come off the 3rd (or is it 4th now) busy weekend in a row. There's just so much wonder to experience, I just can't stop myself. But come Monday morning, I always swear that next weekend will be event-free. We'll see...there's another faire next weekend! Have a beautiful week.

  3. Looks like a fantastic weekend! Love the face-painting and the henna...which reminds me I'm supposed to be on the hunt for a henna kit for a certain someone's upcoming b-day. Love that mama-made skirt!

  4. I can't help smiling at the photo of the gargoyle clutching your son's head. What a wonderful event to go to. I love sharing events like this with my children. It makes it even more fun! Have a great week!

  5. Looks like a lovely weekend indeed. The weather looks beautiful too. Jacinta

  6. What a wonderful weekend!! I believe we would have loved that fair too!! Always some amazing characters and interesting people around :).


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