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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Ready

I'm amazed (yet I know I shouldn't be) that we are most of the way through August already!  It seems that summers just fly by.  Not that we haven't had lots of fun and adventure (and there is plenty more to come), but the kids are asking when we are starting school!  They are ready and I've got some work to do still.
This will be our first full year of homeschooling.  We started half way through the school year last year and everyone in our family agrees that it was a right and excellent choice.  We didn't use a curriculum last year and have chosen to follow suit again.  We did briefly think about Oak Meadow which seems like a fun curriculum, but in the end we are sticking with a little bit of this and that.

I wouldn't call in unschooling necessarily  we do use some workbooks and text books, but we are certainly letting the kiddos lead the way for the most part.  They both have such a great thirst for knowledge that makes learning so fun for all involved.  As I have been looking at supplies we have on hand and thinking about what we still need I have realized that I would like a better/different rhythm to our weeks.   The boy seems to do better with a plan (he's already worried about who he will marry some day and what courses he should be studying to get into a good college and become a world-renowned palientologist).  There will always be flexibility in our daily schedule, but it looks as if we will nail down a specific day of the week that Greg will do music lessons and art history lessons, and the kids and I will have a day dedicated to science and one just for exploring. A little math, reading and writing will happen most days in some form.
our music/library room
It's been fun to watch both kids take such an interest in music!  Molly's main focus is piano, while Corey does guitar, but I must say they both are a bit instrumentally fearless (must get that from their dad) and will give just about anything a try.

If you haven't seen Nature Connection yet you should absolutely check it out.  It's a workbook/nature journal designed for a wide age range that goes through the months of the year. with craft idea, nature walks, things to look for, write about and draw.

I must say I will be sad when we finish this book and will look for something similar to explore our seasons.
I'd love to know what other folks do or don't do for school and am always open to suggestion so what are you doing to get ready?


  1. I'm amazed...I thought only my guy was planning whom he will marry, what they will name their first child, what work he will do to still have time to be a good husband, etc! Incredible!! We had always hoped to homeschool, but it's not looking like an option (personality conflicts and laziness...not a good combination). Still, we do a lot of unschooling that we hope will complement more traditional schooling. That nature book looks AWESOME! Happy planning!

  2. Good luck as you begin your year. We are starting after Labor Day. Thanks for the book recommendation, I will have to check it out. I only have two this year, 8th grade and preschool so this should be interesting with such a wide age difference. xx

  3. We are about the same here too Angie, a little of this and that with no set curriculum. To me it's still unschooling :). I did sign on to an unschooling friendly advisorship this year--like an umbrella that will keep track of our records and one day give a diploma if we stay with them. I can also call them if I need info on anything, say if E. wants to learn more about computer gaming they may have a resource for me. It'll be interesting to see how it works out. I LOVE The nature connection book, perfect for M!
    Thanks for the rec, putting in shopping cart now!
    xx oo

  4. Thanks for this book recommendation. I'll have to look for it - love how it breaks things down month-by-month. I am so not ready for starting our new year.


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