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Monday, August 15, 2011

This Life We Are Given

The past few days have been filled with emotion, love and lots of chaos.  My lovely aunt worked very hard to put together a reunion of her siblings and their families some who haven't seen each other in many many years.  Through all the hectic comings and goings we found time to pay our respects at my dearly loved and greatly missed grandmother's grave yesterday. 
Moss had grown over the marker as it does and it was very hard to read, but before long grandchildren and great grandchildren (who had never even met this grandma) got to work cleaning and scraping.

As I was looking through photos this morning and thinking about a blog post I was overcome by the power of these photographs, such a simple gesture and yet somehow so grand.  I am reminded that we are each given this one life to live and I am inspired to live mine to it's fullest and try to notice all the simple beauty that is there while trying a bit harder to push the trivial little things aside.
Hoping you are enjoying this life as well.


  1. You can not know how much your post has touched me today..thank you! xx

  2. What a beautiful moment. My much missed grandmother has been on my mind today as well. All those heads bent over the marker got me all welling up. xoxo

  3. That's just beautiful. Thanks for this post.

  4. Such a beautiful post Angie, the peace and the gratitude is felt throughout...
    xx oo

  5. I've read many of your blog posts but this is the first one I've commented on. This was great. I remember Gay so well. She was a woman that left a lasting impact on me as a person. Thank you for sharing this very personal family moment with your readers. Gay's life could not be summed up in the words "beloved mom & gram" as she was so much more than that but having known her, I believe for her the greatest epitaph would have been beloved mom & gram as she was very much that.

    Your long ago South Windham neighbor, Sue.


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