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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend

As I sit here on a Monday morning trying to figure out where it is that time goes I realize just how much we try to fit in to our busy weekends sometimes.  The past few days were no exception.

the finished firepit

vintage table linens that once belonged to Grandma Becky

the first fire

some hard work

freshly tilled ground

last nights gig

a little fun with the hipstamatic
 All in all I'd say we had a great weekend...even if it is already Monday!


  1. That tablecloth is gorgeous! What a wonderfully full weekend! If only they lasted longer, eh?

  2. I for one vote that weekends should be longer! I love your fire pit and what is going into the freshly tilled soil? xx

  3. I love every single picture here!!! My husband would drool over your fire pit, he's been wanting one exactly like it :). Adore the vintage tableclothe, the sneak peak of you in the mirror, and of course hipstamatic---LOVE!

  4. Ah! What an awesome looking weekend. The firepit looks great and I love that little reflection of you!

  5. I love the picture of your dog lying in the fire pit.


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