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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taking it all in

It seems as though our fun-filled summer just doesn't seem to slow down.  Trying to find time to just sit and write a blog post seems so hard at times.  Oh but sitting back on my lovely porch swing for a cup of coffee listening to the birds sing mixed with a lot of giggles I take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery around me knowing that soon it will change yet again.  Right now it is glorious and I am taking just a brief moment before the chaos of the day begins.  We have special friends staying for a couple days and they and Corey have discovered that singing at a particular spider on the porch makes him dance a little.
It really is quite cute.  I'm sure the vibrations of the very loud oooh ooh ooohs that are coming from the three of them are doing something to the web causing our little arachnid friend to wave his legs up and down.  Whatever the reason is, it kept these three busy for a good long while. As a matter of fact is has been a spider kind of morning!

picking raspberries (they are still coming!) the kids found another spider who was actually wrapping a Japanese beetle in her web to save for later (thank you very much).  I must say I've never seen this in action before, really quite amazing. I tried for pictures, but don't seem to be able to succeed with this camera of mine.  You'll have to just trust me.
I love to watch the amazement in children's eyes as they wonder at nature, the level of interest is truly inspiring. 
But my time to sit and take it all in has passed. 
More bread needs to be made from the lovely zucchini that got so huge while we were away.  I'm playing with the recipe a little, could be a mistake I'll let you know how it turns out.

There are orders in the etsy shop to fill, more sewing to do and I suppose some cleaning.
Hope that you are finding time to enjoy life.


  1. SInging to spiders!! I love it! I'm hoping we'll have some zucchini to enjoy from our garden soon - maybe I'll have to snag that recipe from you! I tried experimenting with one a few months ago to less than rave reviews...needs some tweaking.

  2. I didn't dare grow courgettes/zucchini this year. Last year, I could not give it all away. We had mountains of them. Family is still fed up of the sight of courgette!

    Wonderful to enjoy the moment. It slips away so quickly. Love the singing to spiders!

  3. Your bread looks great and I hope it turned out. I love to tweak recipes. Glad you are enjoying your summer. xx

  4. Yummy zucchini bread!!! And I would have loved to see that spider dance :). We have a large banana spider in our backyard we've been watching. They spin the most amazing webs. Other bugs, I can do without.
    xx oo

  5. mom, that was an adorable shot!!!!!!love those birds!!!!!!!!


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