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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Annual Haircut

Every year sometime in the fall, the same thing happens; Corey announces he is going to grow his hair long enough for a ponytail.  His gorgeous locks grow quickly and through the winter we watch as it gets closer and closer to the ponytail stage.  He deals with it through basketball season, all long and in his face, but when asked he says no to a haircut (he's growing a ponytail).  He tried a headband this past year, but didn't like how sweaty it got so continued with the hair in his eyes. Then; every spring we start to have some warm weather.  Most of that thick red mane goes back into a ponytail, but the front still hangs out. "Almost" we say.  And then suddenly, just like that he announces "I think I want a haircut, my head is so hot it hurts".  Yesterday, it was in the 80s so I really wasn't all to surprised for the annual announcement came.  I did my job as mama and called the hair salon right away.  As much as I love this hair of his, it does get a bit unruly and he is never very happy about me combing or brushing it (I'm pretty sure it would be dread locks if no one intervened from time to time).

I have to laugh at how adamant he is about keeping his hair long and then with the flip of a switch he is excited to have it cut.  It breaks my heart just a little, I hate to see those curls go, but so does he so it never goes super short.
Just enough to cool down a bit.
As it dries you notice the curls start to form again, and the growing cycle will begin again.

Of course we celebrated this 80 degree, haircut getting, shorts wearing weather with a trip to our favorite local ice cream shop.


  1. He looks so grown up now!

    Every year we go through the same thing here, except my boy's go super short with their hair cuts. All of my sons have curly hair and if they would let it grow they would have ringlets. { my daughter has straight hair } I have offered money to anyone who will grow their hair to their shoulders with no takers!

  2. it would've hurt this mama's heart to cut off that beautiful hair but he does look so handsome!

    1. it breaks this mama's heart a little each year!

  3. perfect cut for Summer.
    My hair is down to the buttocks- summer is no friend to me.

    He looks quite handsome, but I'd cry to watch it go!

  4. He looks so like my husband did at that age! What a great hair cut!


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