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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days I find myself almost giddy at just how lucky I am.  I get to have this amazing life at home with these kiddos of mine most days.  When I do have to be away from family to work I have a career I love!   I've realized that work is also very much social time for me.  I work with an amazing group of women who love the process of childbirth as much as I do. There are strong bonds that form between us during our job.  Sometimes over very stressful situations, sometimes over just sheer joy of what we do and sometimes when there is down-time we can't help but open up to each other about our lives.  We share such intimate moments together it only stands to reason that we would feel close even if we seldom see each other outside the hospital. So imagine my excitement when we had a little gathering outside of work!  As it turns out these great ladies in addition to being passionate about childbirth and breast-feeding are crafty mamas as well!
 I packed up some supplies, made a sleeve for my cuppow cup to make drinking hot coffee easier.  It's literally a cuff from a felted sweater, no sew, no nothin'!  Gotta love it, now I can drink hot and cold beverages from a mason jar without spilling all over my self.

 The focus for this crafty little outing was felted wool, check out this dining room table covered in felted sweaters!  I couldn't believe my eyes. 

Bunnies, birds and mittens were made.  There was lovely conversation (only a little about work), amazing food and a general feeling of contentment and excitement.  Many crafty ideas were formed in my head, given by friends or inspired by books and a need to re-stock my wool sweater stash was born...it's been since this post about a year ago that we got a new stash.  I think I know what I'll be doing later today>

Thank you my lovely lady friends for such a wonderful day and reminding me just how lucky I am.  I do hope we do it again soon.


  1. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! It looks like you found a great way to recycle sweaters, have a creative outlet and enjoy the love of friends! I hope your Tuesday is just as nice.

  2. It sounds like you had a perfect time. We started a crafting group over a year ago and our first theme was felted jumpers too. Great fun. I hope you do meet up again.

  3. That sounds like such fun!

  4. oh, what a great and creative group of friends! I've never worked with old sweaters before- looks like fun!

  5. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a day. Good company always makes for a fun crafting session. Jacinta

  6. I miss you guys so much!! Looks like you had a great crafty time. I think I might need a sweater stash.... so many great things to do with them... do you get them at goodwill, etc.?

  7. You're so lucky, I'd love to be able to stay home. It's just not in the cards right now... Cut cuppow!

  8. hello! i found your blog via soulemama :) this post brought me a big smile, i'm obsessed with thrift store wool sweaters! those mittens rock! did you use a pattern for them or just wing it?


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