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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Day to Day...

Sometimes I am completely amazed at how quickly our days go by even when it seems we don't have that much planned.  I remember a time when I had two busy toddlers running around and my days were filled with breastfeeding, cloth diapers, more breastfeeding and more cloth diapers.  "It will be so much easier when they are bigger" I thought.  
afternoon nap fall 03???

Molly staying cool July 03

Not that I didn't enjoy every minute, but chasing little people around can be exhausting for sure.  Now here we are, they are "bigger", they are independent and wonderful and curious and exhausting!  Some days I think "please just give me the simplicity of a breastfeeding toddler"...how our perspective changes.  In some ways I suppose it is easier (whatever it is).  When Corey wants an egg sandwich he can make it, Molly makes muffins all the time, when prompted they put away their own laundry (I repeat...when prompted) and they quietly reading for their own enjoyment. 
Yet day to day life at times seems so chaotic that I struggle to find the time to get said laundry folded, plan our meals, vacuum and walk the dogs, let alone find time to create (my meditation of sorts), or write a blog post.  There are so many things to do with these older children...Molly goes to gymnastics practice 3 times a week.  Basketball has just ended so that; though sad for the boy is a little bit of a relief for me.  Of course he will start his cross country running group soon and he'll be just as busy but for now there is a bit of breathing room. 
The Odyssey of the Mind state tournament was Saturday so that part of our life will be a little lighter (until next year).  Leading up to this event has been busy for sure, lots of extra practices for both Molly and Corey's teams, last minute prop making at our house Friday, getting up before the sun on Saturday to make the 2 hours trek south all for an 8 minute production.  If you aren't familiar with Odyssey of the Mind  check it out, it really is a great way for kids of all different ages to use their creativity and learn to work together as a team. 
Right here at home there is school work to be done, projects to be planned, pianos and guitars to be played, walls to paint, ceilings to repair...
I could go on and bore you all with the minute to minutes of all that we do but this seems a bit of over-kill to me.  We like most families we know are busy and strive to find a balance within the day-to-day for all that needs to be done.  I'm learning to live with a little bit of a mess, and trying to figure out what really is important.  Nothing is going to change and I wouldn't want it to.  We are musicians, crafters, learners, growers, lovers and friends and have many things to do in this world.  So for today and every day I will find time to nurture myself and my family and trust that all will fall into place.  What else is there to do?  Right now cinnamon swirl bread is in the oven (one for us and one for special friends we are going to visit later), the kids are working on the patio excavation (which for them means digging for treasure) and I got a few minutes to sit and blog before we try to fit a trip to the library in on our way to friends.  What are you doing to make your day-to-day feel a little easier?  I'd love to know.
planning a skirt

the patio project

the excitement of a newly loose tooth!


  1. I love seeing pictures of your children when they were little-so cute. Your post is a beautiful one and so true. When my children were little I remember wishing for just five minutes to take a shower in peace. I also thought when they were older there would be more time, but then I was busy running them from one place to another(we live 30 minutes from town). Now, they are mostly grown and I have lots of time for my own projects. I guess everything comes in stages. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your bread.

  2. ah ang! living so far away and having many years in between our friendship i am happy and amused that our lives are so similar. busy crazy wonderful. you seem at such peace and it is amazing to see and hear about your children. eden just finished his O.M and actually won, so we are heading to states in alexandria to compete against other children in the country. with that baseball, softball, boy scouts, dance.. it is busy..i will take any advice you have on how to get it all done & be organized at it..drop me a note when you get a minute! if possible :) xo ra

  3. Finding balance in all the crazy is so tricky. I love hearing how you find sanity and peace in the midst of it. I'm must admit I'm rather relieved that our little people aren't involved in any teams that need them more than once a week...so far...I'm sure things will change as they get older. I'm always amazed at how much a person can get done - so much more as my family has grown that I ever thought I could accomplish.
    Today I'm making things easier for myself by letting the kids off of their school work so they can eagerly watch the installation of our new front window. Ah, a little peace for mommy is nice - although now it looks like I'm on my own for crafting as I get tear them away from the fun they are having!
    Hope you squeezed in that trip to the library!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day!! We are heading back from the library and enjoying family game night tonight!

  5. i appreciate your thoughts on how different life is with kids as they grow. I was recently ruminating on what effort it took to walk to the park with a toddler and a baby and all their stuff. Now we all ride bikes, no problem.

  6. What a great post, I'm always eager to read musings from mamas who have kids a little older. I'm in the 4 year old & 18 month old stage so there isn't much independent sandwich making here yet, lol. I can't imagine. But yeah, we never really appreciate the freedoms and how much "easier" it is do we? They are always replaced by other stuff. So good to reflect on the goodness of now.


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