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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It seems that over the last couple of weeks we haven't had as much of a rhythm as I would like.  Not that things have been bad, on the contrary things have been great.  However,  Today it does feel that after yet another crazy fun-filled weekend we need to slow down and find our rhythm again.  Maybe it's that our rhythm is changing or maybe it's just a sign that we need a new rhythm, time will tell I guess.
The kids are happy.  Corey informed me today that the best thing about homeschooling is that you learn something every day!  That tells me that something is working around here.
So what is our rhythm?  That is the real question here, and I'm not sure I have an answer.  I love what we do and don't want much to change.  The kids have been so creative lately. Molly wanted some forsythia for her room and took the time to make a plain ball jar very pretty by wrapping it with yarn.  I thought this was lovely and so imaginative of her.
 She also made this sweet owl yesterday to feed her ever-growing owl obsession.  It amazes me how independent the two of them have become with some of the crafting we do around here.  Molly needed no help what so ever with this owl and he's perfect!  Her embroidery detail is beautiful.
We got a new supply of peg dolls, so Corey has been adding to his Lord of the Rings collection:
My favorite is Legolas, notice the teeny tiny bow he's carrying.
This morning I came down and tried to get into things right away; I started laundry (never ending), I've got some bread dough on it's first rise:
I'm desperately trying to master a good basic sandwich loaf of bread...this one is an oatmeal bread that I have high hopes for.  I also managed to get some blueberry oat muffins in the oven before Molly came down and started in on some workbook work.
These kids do love going to school in their pjs!  The slower morning pace is a good thing around here.  We are quite busy most evening between my teaching, Greg's gigs, the kids basketball and gymnastics, this is often the only time we have to move a little slower.  They get their schoolwork done and read, or play, or build...taking their time.
I also took a picture of the first peg dolls we got in the mail yesterday from our peg doll exchange.  They are a sweet little family based on the natural elements, these of course being the green woods and forests. 
Ours have gone off in the post and we look forward to seeing what else comes over the next couple of weeks.  This little exchange has been much fun and a great way to connect with folks all over the world.  I hope to be involved in more things like this.
There was frost all over this morning, but the sun is shining down and warming the earth.  The puddle boots are ready to enjoy melting snow and greet spring.
So for today...I guess this is our rhythm, tomorrow it will change, and somewhere we will find what makes sense for us.
What sort of rhythms work for other folks?  I'd love to hear.


  1. Our rhythm has changed so much this year. I now only have one to homeschool which is very strange. My daughter drops my granddaughter off every morning on her way to work [she is a culinary arts teacher at the tech school]. We have animals to take care off so we usually get dressed before heading out the door. My son [7th grade] loves to lay on his bed and read. We have math at the table, and often read aloud outside. This year is a lot more relaxed, but then I am relaxed. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and to realize that I can do this thing called homeschool.

  2. The kid's crafts are lovely!...Scout's favorite LotR character was/is Legolas as well...

  3. Legolas! So cute with that bow. We have had lots of pajama days lately. How was the oatmeal bread?

  4. Ah, our rhythm is always changing too! And in between times, before a new one settles it can feel so unsettling.
    With a baby who is constantly going through changes- we end up having to be flexible!
    I have felt that for the past few weeks we have been unsettled too- I think it is late winter blues, yearning for spring- it feels as if something is about to happen and we're sitting on our hands waiting for it!
    We do a lot of schooling in our pajamas too. :) Gotta love home school! <3

  5. Each day comes with it's challenges and it's triumphs...each day unfolds in a different way. I have to roll with the punches each day and make it fun and educational somehow, but with constantly changing schedules, therapies, classes, and all that goes with it, some day I may get it all together, but for now, I am trying my hardest to make a wonderful childhood experience for my kiddos.

  6. Rhythm can seem so elusive in this house. I love when we settle in to one but some days (and weeks) it feels like we are all over the place. Kind of have a feeling that today is going to be one of those days. But I'm so glad we have that flexibility!!
    Please send your children over to create with my gang! My kids would LOVE all the crafty goodness they get up to (and maybe you should just come with them too)!


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