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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wee Folks popping up everywhere

It seems that every day there are new little wee folks around here.  I have now received all of my peg dolls from the swap over at we bloom here.  They are all so uniquely different and equally beautiful!
I love them all.
The little family of forest elements came to me all the way from Kaya in Holland.
The sweet little bluebell fairy came from Cheryl at  Time to craft in the UK.
How bout that sweet Red Riding hood, she came from Heather at ozarkmountainmama in AR.
The lovely Japanese girl is "Saki" blossom of hope made by Jennifer in British Columbia.
And finally stitchcraftymama Miriam sent Madeline from Washington state.
I've never done a swap before and I have truly enjoyed it.  The best part honestly has been to see Molly involved!  She has here own little group of 6 children her own age and has received 2 so far:
She is anxiously waiting for 3 more and will display them proudly with these guys!  Her dolls were just darling and she really took time to write a sweet little story about them.
Since this swap little peg folks have been popping up everywhere in our home:
in a bowl of acorn caps
in and around the gnome home

trying to stay warm next to the wood stove
Corey has started a swap here at the house between he, his sister, and myself.  I'm sure they will continue to appear making their way into the gardens as spring shows it's face.  I will embrace and love them all.
Just adding a photo of the dolls Molly made for her swap, they are so cute and should have some spotlight as well.
Molly's doll inspiration came from The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskow, they are little forest gnomes and sprites.


  1. Dad might need some peg people at work.

  2. Funny! They are popping up at our house too...along with a darling red mushroom! Julia loves them, along with her letters. Thanks!!!

  3. These are so cute! My daughter would love a little family like this ;)

  4. These are so great! Love those guys cozying up to the wood stove!

  5. They are so cute. Where did your gnome house come from; did you make or purchase it?
    Thanks for the reply telling me about Maine. I am on the coast of SC. I live on a little group of islands.


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