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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fellowship of the Ring

This all started because Molly and I became involved in this great peg folk exchange over at Webloomhere .  We each have 5 different people (Mols has kids here own age) from all over the globe to make and send a special little peg person to with a little story about the doll or inspiration it came from.  Molly has been very busy writing about her little dolls and has just started working on them.  I'm not allowed to talk about or show any pictures yet she says not until they are done.  I plan on getting mine started today and finished over the weekend.  We started with this little bucket-o-peg dolls:
and this pile of Elsa Beskow books for some start up inspiration:
Boy oh boy we love Elsa around here.  It's been so great over the years, first reading them the kids over and over.  Peter in Blueberry Land and Ollie's Ski Trip were big favorites.  Now the kids read them on their own, and while they often sort through books that they have outgrown to send to goodwill never do these books make it anywhere near that pile! 
Anyway, that was was the plan, Molly and I would start in with ideas for our peg folks.  Corey was busy reading...

He's deep in the Lord of the Rings trilogy right now.  I was a little worried about the writing being to difficult for his tender 9 year old mind, but in his words "These books are addictive"!  He's started the second book and is completely enthralled.  So when we got out the peg dolls this is what happened.
The Fellowship of the Ring

He asked me to order more peg doll! So far we have Gandolf, Frodo, Sam, Arigon, Legolas, Bilbo and some black riders.  While he's awaiting the arrival of more dolls he's started a needle felted scene of middle earth for the to adventure on. 
So much for my thinking he'd have no interest in the peg dolls!

by the way, Molly's are so sweet I can't wait till I'm "allowed" to post pictures.


  1. We just finished the Lord Of The Rings here. My son loved them also. I was just on Amazon trying to find something new for him as he has read our whole library. He is seriously putting a dent in my book budget!

  2. Those are great! I was just looking around for a good place to buy more peg people - where do you get yours? We have some unpainted ones that get a lot of play as they are but I wanted to try painting some.
    How I love the Lord of the RIngs Trilogy! Way to go, Corey!
    Looking forward to seeing more peg people!

  3. You can do so much with those peg people can't you. The peg folk exchange sounds like a lovely idea. I'm sure Molly is having fun participating. We love Elsa's books here too. The illustations are gorgeous and the stories are so cute. It's great to hear Corey is addicited to his book!


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