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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring in Maine

This time of year here in Maine when we wake in the morning frost in on the ground, it's cold in our old house and nothing seems better than cozying up next to the wood stove.  Maybe baking some bread or other cold weather doings.
I've been tweaking this oat bread recipe this week, I'm trying desperately to master a good sandwich loaf.  Today I may have done it!  Grilled cheese for lunch was great.  Even better was the warmth of the sun.  By noon all the frost was long gone and it was 50 degrees!  If you live in the north-east, that's down right balmy! And balmy means heading down to the riverbank to watch the tide go out...
The kids were so excited!  The warmer weather meant no jackets and all the icebergs  that the tide had left on the rivers edge were just begging to be climbed on, stomped on and used as a diving board for our crazy dog Tucker!

 Tucker loves to swim and often would wade through the ice in the dead of winter.  Today though he was in the water for quite a while, the only thing that could have possibly made him happier would have been a tennis ball to fetch (silly me I left it at home).
 Sweet Molly was dressed entirely in mama made clothing today!  I'm pretty sure it was just to butter me up to make her more clothing.  We have the Molly peasant dress from Sis Boom and she has 5 or 6 variations that she would like me to get started on before out trip to St Simons Island in May.
The boy of course was just thrilled to explore and hunt for fossils.  I think he may need to start taking a wheel barrow on our walks as the rocks he tends to find and want to bring home can get pretty big!

I couldn't get a good picture, but there was a good sized flock of Canadian Geese that the we were all watching, another sign of spring at our house.  The geese were so loud the other night when Greg and I were in the yard we were sure they must be on the front porch!
Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer and I must admit I am full of excitement!  I'm ready to work the soil, see the forsythia bloom and sit on the porch swing while I knit!
Hope that you found time to enjoy this beautiful day wherever you are!


  1. Nice job on the bread darlin! I'm extremely envious of your afternoon!

  2. Post the recipe--Please?!
    Love seeing the water with the ice beside it as that isn't something we see here.
    Are you headed to St. Simons, Ga? That isn't too super far from my place.


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