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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn along

So a couple of my favorite blogs to read do this yarn along over at small things and today I thought I'd try joining in.
As is very typical for me  I have far to many things "on the needles" at once.  However, I am trying very hard to get this Tiny Tea Leaves done for a special little friend that just turned 5.  I'm knitting in Maine wool from Romney Ridge Farm.  I'm so lucky to have this place not far up the road from me!  This is the first time I've knit this pattern, I've seen it around in blogland for a while and finally decided I should give it a try.  I must say it's a sweet and pretty quick little knit and I plan on making one for Molly in a spring green.
As far as reading goes, I've always got several books that I'm reading and looking through at once, I guess my nature is to have far to many things going on.  I've pulled out The Woodchucks Guide to Gardening again as I'm thinking a lot about my spring garden plans. This book is a fantastic gardening guide as well as a guide to the natural world around us.  I've been leafing through School as a Journey a bit lately.  I got this book years ago when our kids were attending a  Waldorf preschool, now I wondered if it would at all be relevant to my homeschooling journey.  There's a Porcupine in my Outhouse has short little chapters that I can read for a laugh.  It's the misadventures of a "city boy"  moving to the north woods of Vermont.  And lastly I am slowly making my way through Life, Keith Richards autobiography.  What more can I say!  I am a huge Rolling Stones fan and have a good time reading about the crazy life this man has led.  It was a different time in music for sure. 
well, thanks to Ginny for hosting this yarn along!  I hope that you all have a great day!


  1. Hey, stones fan here too. Do you like the book?
    I have seen the tiny tea leaves pattern. I would like to knit it for the little one here.
    Just planted a huge part of the spring garden yesterday. I hope to get to the herb bed today,but energy wise I'm not to sure.

  2. Tracey I love the book! I mean it's crude to be sure, but this is Keith Richards we're talking about! You are so lucky to already be planting! We've got a bit to go before that is an option.

  3. I have the tea leaves cardi pattern for adults. The tiny version is adorable :) The porcupine book sounds very interesting.

  4. Yay, Angie!! So glad to see you on the yarn along! The tea leaves is so sweet - glad to hear your thoughts on the pattern as I'm thinking of diving into it next.
    You got that beautiful wool from a farm "up the road" - well that's enviable!

  5. Your tiny tea leaves is gorgeous. I love the colour. I bought the pattern for the tea leaves cardi over 2 years ago and alas, I still haven't made it. I think I need to bite the bullet and just go and buy the yarn and be done with it! I think it might be this winters knit for me, well here's hoping!
    Oh wonderful (or perhaps dangerous) to have a farm to buy wool from not far from you. I will have to check out the link. Jacinta


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