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Saturday, February 5, 2011

New wool and a Saturday off!

Yesterday the kids and I went to Goodwill and scored a bunch of wool sweaters to felt and create with.  It's been a while since we stocked up on wool and after making the mittens for Evelyn earlier this week I've been all inspired and geared up to work with recylcled wool!  Funny how these things happen...
We brought the sweaters home and got ready for felting while getting ready for a little fondue party with the neighbors.

Tuck asking to snuggle in to all the wool

removing buttons

into the hot wash they go
 We had a great evening with our lovely friends without much thought about the sweaters.  The kids and I made ice lanterns Thursday, we got the idea from this great tutorial I'm sorry to say we didn't get any good pictures last night in the dark (the iPhone is not always the best camera).  But in life they were simply lovely and lit the way so well.  Miss Molly placed them along the walk in little caves she carved out of the snowbanks on both sides, it was magical.
ice lanterns lighting the way to our house
 Greg's fondue was a huge hit as always and went to fast for me to get pictures.  I'll have to post about hosting a fondue party in the near future because it's so fun and yummy and people don't do it nearly enough. 
going in for the last bits of fondue
 Finally before our lovely evening ended Greg pulled out his guitar (we are so lucky) and played some music.  It was great to see the kids dancing like they did when they were toddlers and to have our little toddler friends having more fun than you can imagine.  A perfect way to end a perfect evening. 
a little music
 And I woke this morning to a lovely new stash of felted wool just begging me to get creative!  I'm not sure what will come of it just yet but I am extremely excited!  We have a Saturday off together as a family!  No hospital, no office, no gigs, no basketball game and no gymnastics meet, a total day off!
ready for whatever!
  Any ideas for my wool???


  1. Guess what I did yesterday...came home with a pile of sweaters to felt! Mine are drying right now. Not sure what they will become - looking forward to inspiration from what you decide!!
    Can't wait to hear more about fondue! We haven't ventured further than chocolate fondue...Mmm, our Valentine's Day tradition may need to come out a couple weeks early.
    Enjoy your Saturday off, Angie!

  2. I love making stuff with old sweaters. Our doll house has tons of little wool blankets and rugs, they also make great liners for handknit hats that aren't quite warm enough for really cold days. Mittens, hats, purses.... I am sure you will figure it out Angie! Have fun.


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