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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Puzzles have always been a fun past time around here, from the simple wooden puzzles for babies to the big floor puzzles the kid have had such fun with over the years.  Lately as these kids have gotten older we've entered a whole new level of puzzle fun. 
When I first met the hubs 15 years ago I had never heard of Stave Puzzles.  He had a few of these crazy, difficult and extremely intriguing puzzles, his step mom worked at their Norwich VT shop hand-cutting these amazing wooden beauties.  We have spent many late nights with friends putting these puzzles together but have kept them away from little hands as they are old, lovely and a bit tough...

These puzzles are full of false edges, split corners, whimsical shapes and individual messages.  We can't get enough!  This one the kids and I did today without Greg (we just couldn't wait)is 28 years old!, It's my favorite, I love the picture itself, all the wonderful shapes: a whale, mermaid, fish, ice cream cone etc...and After such a joyous family trip to Block Island last summer it's got extra special meaning now. The kids and I are going to try and convince their grandma to get back into the art of puzzle making, these things are amazing!


  1. How exciting to have a puzzle maker in the family! We are huge puzzle lovers here. I like how even those who say they don't like puzzles will be 'drawn' to the table to fit at least one piece together.

  2. that is the coolest puzzle I've ever seen!!! I love how the pieces look like different shapes or things or animals. Puzzles=Fun family time together!!!
    We love Block Island too...One year I surprised my husband with a mini vacation to block Island to celebrate our anniversary. It's such a beautiful island and I love that you can just ride your bike around the whole island and take it all in.

  3. i have never heard of stave puzzles but they look amazing!!!

  4. Oh I smiled so big reading this -- I spent my childhood summers in Block Island and we honeymooned there. That island is near and dear to me. What cool puzzles. I have a puzzle obsessed five year old and I'll have to look into these. Thanks so much for your kind words on my pouring-my-heart-out post. xoxo

  5. wow, stunning puzzles Angie!! The last one is amazing...thanks for sharing them!!

  6. Amazing!! These are the coolest puzzles!!

  7. Amazing!! These are the coolest puzzles!!

  8. We LOVE Block Island - making our annual trek out mid-August, this year being so special because The Surf is reopening in July and we're staying there. Its a quick walk down the steps to the beach. I used to say when I left the Block I left my soul on the beach to await my return.
    Don't know Steve Puzzles but am going online right now to order some. I go through jigsaw puzzle phases - and I can feel myself slowly slipping into one now...


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